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    Swiss Null B Powder

    Whaling and saluting grades are new ones to me. So what size guns are they appropriate for? I can only imagine with bigger cannons, (like a 12 pounder) you would be going up in size from "regular old cannon grade". I can't imagine how big the grains for the really really big stuff, like...
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    Filling holes

    Do you know the steel the barrel is made from? Try to match that if you can with your plug material. I tried filling a hole in a nickel-silver inlay one time with a flathead screw filed down to be barely discernable. It looked great---until--- I hit it with some tarnishing agent and the screw...
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    Log Cabin Rifle, A Fascinating Piece Of History

    The nipple looks like a stainless steel replacement. Agree with the above on removing the patina. Just clean it for now and stop any deterioration. It won't hurt to swab and oil the bore however. Have you had the lock and barrel off yet to look for markings on the covered parts? Some times...
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    Reproduction & Original.

    Thank you. The 4th one down on "obsolete cartridges" could be a tricky one. I could elaborate further in a PM.
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    Reproduction & Original.

    What is the cut-off date in the UK for a gun to be considered an antique? In the US it's 1898. Not sure about any other country.
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    Lead Hardness

    It also swages itself in to the lands and grooves better, providing a better grip with the rifling, and less gas blow-by, and theoretically, better accuracy.
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    authentic caps???

    Exploding cigar? Better put a warning on it; Smoke from this end only!
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    CMP now ships rifles in plastic hard cases inside of double thickness cardboard. They used to just do egg carton foam inside double cardboard. In scores of rifles I've gotten from them (they use Fed Ex air for rifles to minimize handling) I've never had a problem with contents (due to bad...
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    My First Kit Build w/ Photos

    Is that a BP substitute I see on the bench? (Awesome photo by the way.). Though for some they will work, the ignition is generally slower (and less sure) than real BP, as, the ignition temperature is about double that of real BP. As a safety tip it would be safer if you kept your powder...
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    considering another build

    Go with what tugs at your heart strings the most. If it were me, I would search out something that isn't made as a finished gun commercially. Not because they're bad guns, but because I'd prefer to have something at the end of a very long road that couldn't be purchased commercially (and...
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    Does Black Powder Make Smoke?

    Does Black Powder make smoke? Do feet make a shoe smell?
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    The "Whack" Factor

    Nothing quite says; "you're mine now" like a 12 pound Mountain Howitzer loaded with grape shot though.
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    "Most Cool" ML'er to bring in fresh faces

    At our family reunion this summer, we had a number of young people that wanted to do shooting as an activity. As the "cruise director", it was my job to stock the "buffet table" with things they might want to shoot. On the menu we had .22 revolvers, slide action .22 rifles, shotguns, semi-auto...
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    is it ok to store black powder in crawlspace?

    I wonder if having such a permit (and I'm sure there's a cost involved) would require disclosure on a homeowner's policy? The amounts of ammunition / primers / powder seem like an amount that a dedicated firearms enthusiast and shooter might have in a "normal" home. The 5 pounds of BP limit...
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    Out with my long lost flintlock today

    My point was satirical; that most mortals can't shoot that tight of a group beyond bean bag tossing range, and not with normal eyes, and solid resting, and even at that, I would still need a goodly dose of luck.
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    Ramrod misdrilled due to off center r/r channel. Also R/R drill led off high to bottom of barrel.

    200 guns before you die? Wow (I hope you got a contract)! My advice then is to take your time with each build.
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    Out with my long lost flintlock today

    Now move out beyond 5 yards with a machine rest and see what it can do;)
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    is it ok to store black powder in crawlspace?

    Is that a MA law you cited there? Or is it a local ordinance thing? Two pounds of BP isn't a heck of a lot. Two cases of .22 ammo would put you over the limit too. The locked cabinet could, if metal, (like an old refrigerator) become pressurized enough to become a bomb. As stated above, I...
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    Does Black Powder Make Smoke?

    I can imagine in a gun that big that the powder grains must be the size of ping pong balls.
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    hard frizzen

    Even sparking the lock with no powder will be fine. The drawback of powder in the pan is that just one spark can ignite it. A 1-spark ignition is going to consume the powder slower than if you have a whole shower of them landing in the middle of the pan / powder. Just make sure they're...