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    Looking for some outstanding ML 100 yard target score photos

    When I shoot a target like that I put my gun away and just sit and shoot the bull. You know it can only go downhill from there.
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    Looking for some outstanding ML 100 yard target score photos

    On a good day it will only take me 8 shots to get 5 in scoring position at 100 yards. I'm thinking you don't want to see my pictures.
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    Does your club allow guests?

    Our Club welcomes first time visitors as Guests. We shoot on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. Check out our website. near Asheville NC a beautiful part of the country, great place to visit. Be prepared to follow local COVID protocols.
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    Greenville, SC - Would like to meet locals to learn more...

    The club I belong to is located just north of Asheville and there are a few SC Guys in our club. I don't think any of them get on this site though. If you want to come up and visit sometime check out the website.
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    Traditions 50 cal

    The tradition Kentucky is just fine. To assure it firing when you need it to I would choose percussion. Mine is very accurate and about 10 years old now. So if the barrels haven't changed you're in business.
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    Ready to fire CVA 45 cal Kentucky Pistol - need help choosing powder, caps, and patches

    The mention about gun cleaning kits comes down to this. Sectioned rods, not a good idea. Brushes that are coupled to the threaded shank via a pressed collar are prone to coming apart at the bottom of your barrel. You want the style that is connected via twisted wire. Maybe someone here has a...
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    I'm hooked, again

    Chambers offers a nice kit.
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    Muzzleloading Puntguns

    I still remember when I was about 12 and visited an Aunt and Uncle on their farm. The Uncle had recently bought a 9 guage magnum and asked if I wanted to go down to the duck pond and try it out. Sure! So we walk down to the pond and I figure he was going to scare them into flight and maybe shoot...
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    Hammer alignment

    If cap is going off every time, no problem. The synthetic powders sometimes have ignition problems with the CVA and Traditions rifles. The use of magnum caps solves that problem. But if you are switching to real black you should have no further problems.
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    #11 Nipple Threads

    Plus drums get bored out and sized up because of thread wear. I have one CVA 1/4 x 28 and one 7mmx1
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    Deer creek northwest rifle replacement parts

    1:66 was the Mtn. Rifle Twist
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    Frankenpistol build

    The learning experience is what counts. If everything functions, it probably shoots well and that's great!
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    Deer creek northwest rifle replacement parts

    Yes, Deer Creek is the place to go. They sold those rifles under their name/Brand but they were all CVA old stock. They ended up with the rifling machine from Douglass, Douglass did not make their barrels. I have one of the last Deer Creek produced Mtn. Rifle barrels. Bought about 13 years ago...
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    Traditions Hawken replacement barrel

    No direct drop ins smaller than a .45. Your option would be to get a smaller caliber barrel and breech it yourself.
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    Flash hole liner question

    They are often installed and then filed flush with the barrel, at least with new installs.
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    Stuck clean out screw

    Boiling water is not a help. Metal expands with heat. If you are cleaning your barrel by removing it, let it set in a bucket of warm soapy water a few minutes. Do most of the barrel cleaning first by flushing the water in and out of the barrel, then remove the nipple and flush some more water...
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    Pedersoli Flintlock Kentucky Pistol

    Accuracy should be great! If you have just started shooting it, then take the time to find the best load first. Shooting off a rest on a bench. Once you have discovered the best grouping load, and adjusted the sights as necessary, then start shooting offhand. Takes a lot of practice to get good...
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    Pedersoli 12g Side by Side Year? Value?

    Even if its an older one, the value is pretty steady because these are contemporary replicas. Your example is probably worth in the 500-600 range.
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    Potted Beef

    I've got two cans of those pork brains in my cupboard
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    Old powder horn fix-up

    we used to put firecrackers in those old cap and cork muskets and shoot marbles out of them. Ah the good ol' days