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    Swedish members.

    Hello I'm wondering if any members from Sweden might have information where I can find a book about Stefan Lofving and his exploits during the Great Nordic war. Thanks Kelvin
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    Wax over Chambers stock finish

    Hello. I've been doing some searches on a protection wax to go over a Chambers finish. Renaissance wax seems to be quite popular but some folks are saying it's not so good when lots of handling is involved. Just would like to get some opinions on this wax or any other ideas. Thanks Kelvin
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    Olde Eynesord fouling

    Hello. Today I had my newly built rifle out to start working out a load and patch size. I was first using OE fff powder and found the fouling terrible. Latter in the day after some fixes, I went out again with goex fff and had normal fouling. Weather in both cases was cool and dry, patches...
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    Lehigh valley rifle nose cap

    Hi. I've been trying to find a clear picture of a nose cap to see how its mounted. Is there a rivet in the bottom or what looks like, maybe, pins on the side of the nose cap ? Thanks Kelvin
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    Bucks County Transitional rifle

    I'm doing some research on Andrew Verner rifles for my next build. I came across what was called a Bucks county Transitional rifle. Is there actually evidence of such a rifle? As well, I've been looking at a few contemporary Verner rifles with sliding patch boxes, wouldn't those rifles be a bit...
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    Knife build

    My second attempt at posting this. So, this is my first knife and sheath. I was going for a French pistol handle look but not quite as round at the end. The blade is a 1 1/2 x 5/32 1084 carbon. Heated then quenched in canola oil. Had a bit of an issue with warping but advice from other members...
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    Warped knife blade

    Hello all. I've just started building knives and I'm now working on my second knife. The blade came out of the quench a little warped. I've heat treated it 3 times at 400 degrees with the blade C clamped onto a 3/4 inch steel plate with a shim. Most of the warp came out but there is still a...
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    Knob mountain Muzzleloading

    Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has dealt with Knob Mountain lately. I've tried to order some parts but can't get in touch by phone or E mail. Thanks
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    Ramrod launch

    During a moment of distraction I shot my Ramrod. Wont do that again, jaw is still feeling it. .54, 90 g FFF, 42 inch barrel and hickory rod I took a micrometer to check for bulges on the barrel as well I ran a tight patch down the barrel. My question, Is there anything else I should be looking...
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    Tennessee Rifle history

    Hello all. Doing some google research on this and cant find to much on dates. So, what would be the approximate date that the rifle would have been recognized as the Tennessee rifle. Thanks Kelvin
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    Shrinking hawk handle

    Hello Folks. Whats the best way to fix a shrinking hawk handle (Hickory). Im trying linseed right now but just wondering if someone has a better idea? Thanks Kelvin
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    Flint life

    Hello all. Im using large English flints on my Lancaster .54. I seem to be getting about 25 -30 or so shots before having to knapp or change flints. Whats the usually life of a flint? Thanks
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    Trigger issues.

    Hello. So Im just putting the trigger in a Lancaster.If the trigger group is in the stock and screwed into where it should sit it cant be cocked to the point where it will remain cocked. If I move the trigger group out a bit so it sits more out of the trigger group inlet, it will function...
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    Lead for casting balls

    Hello. Just curious as to what kind of lead you use to cast balls. Im looking at buying an ingot of 99% pure lead. Should I be looking at something with bit of other metal to harden them up? Ive got some old lead laying around the garage but Im not sure its content and and have read where lead...
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    Jim Chambers stock finish

    Hello. Ive just put on the 1st coat of Chambers stock finish. The instructions reads up to 4 coats. Ive read other entries here where guys have done up to 8. Just curious as to what people who us this finish usually do. Thanks
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    Epoxy for muzzle cap and entry thimble

    Hello all. Wondering what type of epoxy will work best to glue fit the entry thimble and muzzle cap? Would JB weld work? Thanks
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    Heat treating a trigger guard.

    Hello. Im about to mount a wax cast trigger guard and its quite soft and flexible through the rear part. So, I assume it needs to be heat treated. Can this be done with a propane torch or will I need more heat? Thanks
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    advice on touch hole position

    Hello Fellows. This is something I should have noticed when I started this build. The Touch hole is sitting quite high, above the frizzen when its closed. The kits came pre inletted and the lock, tang and stock drilled. I measured and the hole has been drilled in the barrel a bit to high. I...
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    Patch box placement

    Hello folks Ive been looking thorough pictures of Lancaster rifles from various builders both original and new built. I was wondering is there a standard position for the PB to be inletted? Some seem to be quite far forward and others not so much. Thanks
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    Daisy patchbox

    Hi Folks. Im just now inletting my patch box on a Lancaster rifle. As Im doing this I was just curious as to the significance or meaning of the daisy patch box? Just seems a bit odd in my modern thinking to adorn a rifle with flowers. Thanks Kelvin