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    I Bought this 1851 Navy

    Cleaning that safety slot and a cap rake along with Slixshot nipples almost make a cap jam surprising. I have an 1861 .44 army so equipped and after about 900 rounds I have not had a cap jam.
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    Online sales craziness

    BC I have a stock for my 1860 Army and that cap flash right in you face is...shall we say EXCITING. i tried the stock out one time and that was all the fun I could stand. But different strokes for different folks I recon. No it is not for sale Bunk
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    A CAPitol idea

    yesterday I sacrificed one ,22lr just to see. It is a easy as it looked and fit the nipple on my GRR perfectly My thought is at hunting season this would be better than leaving Old Sure shot in the safe and having to use an unmentionable. Not for plinking but better this than nothing. Hold...
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    A CAPitol idea

    sorry i meant cutting up the .22 case not using it I may try this out just to see what happens. Bnk.
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    A CAPitol idea

    I poached this from the Majormusket web site. Personally I would have worn a face shield and gloves because this is kind of sketchy, but to each his own. This may not solve the problem but it may get you back to be able to practice and save real caps for hunting or competition Yr' Obt' Svt' Bunk
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    How many shots for 1 lb of 777

    Black Gunpowder and the subs should be measured by volume not weight. The subs are lighter and going by weight might result in rapid wear or damage to the gun or shooter. I use a 20 grain VOLUME of FFFg Black Gunpowder in my Colt .44 with a ball which makes a very comfortable plinking load...
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    Did not fire

    BRASS OR ALUMINUM punch and do it with care. The best and safest way is uncap and pull the ball. Those nipple threads are very fine and can me mucked up resulting in a five shooter or the expensive purchase of a one time use metric tap. I suggest a wood screw or a sheet rock screw and pliers. Bunk
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    My Ruger Old Army and how I got it.

    I had one stainless shot it it was OK I guess, but that off size ball was a deal breaker. My other Colt is a .44 uses a .451" ball. Result the ROA with the pieces part loading lever and what was leftof the box of balls went By By and I never looked back. Bunk
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    RWS 1075 primers

    I have fought RWS caps to a standstill. It only took about 700 caps and a lot of adult language to get to this present level of success. Finally I have gotten to a little over 90% first strike ignition by using an original heavy main spring. Those caps are hard and need a good heavy lick with...
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    1859 Sharps

    I am working up a load for my Pedersoli 1859 carbine and it seems 40 grains of either FFg or FFFg and a 450 grain ring Moose Mould bullet seem to give acceptably accurate out to 75 yards. It has a Marble "Bullseye" rear sight and a Lyman ivory bead front sight which improves accuracy. The...
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    Convince me not to buy this 1860 old silver army

    OK friend I fear you have contracted the dread disease GOTTGEYANOTHERGUNITIS. Unfortunately there is no cure but can be treated by regular applications of a new gun purchase to to your credit card. Condolences from a fellow sufferer Bunk
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    Differences between Pietta 8" 1860 Army Blued Steel Revolvers???

    my 1861 Navy caliber has had that done and is a complete pleasure to shoot . As reliable as a suppository gun thanks to Goon's gun woks
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    thank you this si something I have had on my mind and finally decided to share it..
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    People overestimate how often percussion revolvers were reloaded...

    that is the way Remingtn got around the S&W Rollin White bored through cylinder patent
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    Friends of mine who are all cartridge gun shooters ask me why I spend time with antique, obsolete ,black powder, smelly, dirty, slow to load, hard to clean percussion firearms. The answer is very simple and here is why. Modern self-loading guns, (post 1911), are boring to shoot, and have no...
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    People overestimate how often percussion revolvers were reloaded...

    those old timers had only six shots and not like now with a bucket of bullets in a self loading unmentionable. No "spray and pray" for those men it was one shot one hit game over.
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    My Homemade Wads

    that could be I won't argue that, but when you are close to the century mark lard is a heap easier to get than deer tallow. Young fellow you will see it a'comin' and you can't stop it. Stay safe shoot straight Enjoy life Bunk
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    Correct Percussion Cap size for Vintage 1860 Colt Army, .44 caliber

    Found it Lodgewood Manufacturing Co. has a web site Good luck Bnk
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    Correct Percussion Cap size for Vintage 1860 Colt Army, .44 caliber

    if you will search the duelist 1954 video's he talks about his restoration of either an 1851 Navy or 1860 Colt original. He got original Colt thread size nipples from a shop that has them. I do not remember the name but proper nipples are available. Takes a little searching. That shop also has...
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    Like Du Pont says on the can EXPLOSIVE. Two kinds of power Blasting powder and Gun powder. Same stuff different granulation but both l EXPLOSIVE