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  1. RIDE-RED350R

    Greetings from rural NY

    I'm a member there.
  2. RIDE-RED350R

    45 cal max load?

    Agree on using what shoots the best in terms of accuracy. A slower bullet that hits it's mark is always better than a faster one that misses. That said, I would have no reservation whatsoever using a 45 cal for deer. As previously mentioned, the stated velocity with the 45 cal maxis is equal to...
  3. RIDE-RED350R

    Switching Over to Musket Caps

    Thanks. Sorry for the threadjack. Was just wondering. Back when I made the switch the internet wasn't really a thing yet, at least not in terms of being able to easily communicate with so many others with knowledge of the subject.
  4. RIDE-RED350R

    No! No! Get them away

    ANYTHING that sends a bullet downrange in real life is miles better than x-box. I don't care a rip what it is, get those kids outdoors and shooting! 🙂 I've stuck with traditional MLs because I'm more into the designs and aesthetics of yesteryear. Just like while I own a handful of bolt rifles...
  5. RIDE-RED350R

    Switching Over to Musket Caps

    I've run musket caps on my TC Renegade for years. Made the switch mainly due to the point brought up several times already, less fiddly and easier to handle afield. Currently both of my TCs have #11 nipples on them as I need to pick up a couple of musket nipples. Just haven't gotten around to it...
  6. RIDE-RED350R

    TC SENECA 45

    I find myself yearning for a Seneca 45 to accompany my Renegade 50 and Hawken 50.
  7. RIDE-RED350R

    Picked up another TC Hawken

    Nice job 👍🏻 A couple months ago I picked up a TC Hawken and did the same thing you did. I know alot of folks like the "antiqued" look to the steel and brass, but I like shiney things and went after the brass with some Mother's Mag polish and refinished the stock with the Birchwood Casey kit. I...
  8. RIDE-RED350R

    Please help me streamline my little collection...

    Admittedly, I know nothing about A-H. But I've owned my TC Renegade for over 25 years since I got it new and it's never given me any trouble that wasn't my own fault. A couple months ago I picked up a TC Hawken and have zero regrets. FWIW, I'd keep the TC
  9. RIDE-RED350R

    Age Range of BP shooters

    What might also be an interesting metric along with age group is how many years one has been shooting BP. I am in the 41-60 age group and have been shooting BP for just about 26 years. Started at 18 years old
  10. RIDE-RED350R

    Load development

    You guys have got me wanting to try 3F in my 50 cals. I have a chronograph and would love to do some experimenting. Nice shooting! 👍🏻
  11. RIDE-RED350R

    Lack of younger shooters?

    My dad got his first ML in 1995, I got my first one year later when I was 18 years old. Had alot of fun chasing deer during ML season with the old man, and I miss him terribly. I'm keeping the tradition alive in our family with my two kids. Here is my 14 year old daughter shooting my Renegade...
  12. RIDE-RED350R

    Idenity of a TC hawken.

    Can you elaborate on the hammer shape? The hammer spur on my Hawken stands more proud than that of my later single trigger Renegade which lays back more. Guessing this might be the difference? Mine does not say "Hawken" on the barrel.
  13. RIDE-RED350R

    Idenity of a TC hawken.

    My Hawken estimated to be around 1983 has a serial number 155426
  14. RIDE-RED350R

    Collectors Firearms

    Oh yes, their website is bookmarked in my browser and I cruise through there and drool periodically. They have some amazing pieces, and the Winchesters, oh my 🤤 I'd love to visit their shop one day, but it's a haul from NY.
  15. RIDE-RED350R

    Idenity of a TC hawken.

    I don't know if this will help you, but both of these TC rifles were bought brand new by me back in 1995 and 1996 Last month I picked up a used Hawken from my LGS. Shop owner got it from the original owner and came with a 1983 brochure so it's somewhat logical to assume my Hawken may be from...
  16. RIDE-RED350R

    Traditions kit Pawn Shop find

    I'd love to find an old kit collecting dust for a bargain. I've never done a kit but I would like to at some point.
  17. RIDE-RED350R

    just start cutting

    That's amazing work! I admire folks who can do such things. Well done Sir 🍻
  18. RIDE-RED350R

    Let’s talk about the F’s

    Well, if going lower in charge gave you worse grouping, then I would move up 5gr at a time and see what the results are. The load I hunted with for years was 90gr FF under a 385gr Maxi Hunter. Admittedly I didn't do a great deal of experimentation in those days. I went with the book advice of...
  19. RIDE-RED350R

    Let’s talk about the F’s

    Yessir. As I said before, I'm not looking to be setting any velocity records. I'm sure a 385gr maxi running 1300fps or so is plenty capable. I will definitely heed the advice given and start well below the known FFG loads and see how things go. Funny thing is, I have never run my muzzleloader...
  20. RIDE-RED350R

    Let’s talk about the F’s

    Thank you gents for taking the time to explain that. Now you've got me wanting to get some FFF to try in my 50cals.