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    SOLD Uberti 1849 Pocket 31

    New in the box 1849 pocket 31 cal. I am having to sell to fix my car 😕. Hit a deer last weekend. $350 plus shipping
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    SOLD CVA 1861 44 cal

    Cva 1861 army with brass frame. CVA Pistol kit made by Armi San Marcos. $260 shipped
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    SOLD Taylor’s 1862 Pocket navy 36

    Having to sell some of my black powder. I hit a deer last week and need to fix my car unfortunately… Brand new never fired 1862 pocket 36 cal with two barrels. 6.5” and 5.5” barrel. Thinking $450 plus shipping.
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    SOLD Pietta 1858 Army sheriff

    Guys I am having to thin out my black powder collection… sadly…. I hit a deer on vacation last week. I have a new pietta cabelas 1858 sheriff. I added the stag imitation grips. Never fired and in the box. $300 plus shipping.
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    WANTED Pietta 1860 sheriff barrel

    I am wanting to buy a sheriff barrel for the 44 cal 1860 army Pietta . Let me know what you got!!!!
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    FOR SALE 1862 Pocket Navy Barrel 6.5” 36 cal

    Brand new Uberti 1862 pocket navy barrel in 36 cal. Has loading lever. 6.5” barrel $200 shipping included.
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    WANTED 1862 barrel

    I’m trying to get a shorter barrel for my 1862 navy. I am wanting the 4.5” or the 5.5”. I would be ok with a 1862 Navy or the 1862 police barrel in either of these sizes.
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    WITHDRAWN Uberti 1862 Pocket Navy 6.5”

    Brand new in the box 1862 navy 36 cal. Taylor and company. It has the 6.5” barrel. $400 + shipping I want the 5.5” or 4” barrel in the 36 cal. Open to trades for the shorter barrel.
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    CLOSED Cva Kentucky Pistol

    45 cal cva Kentucky single shot pistol. $250 + shipping
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    CLOSED Trade NIB 1858 Navy for Pocket revolver

    I have a brand new 1858 navy 36 cal with a 6.5” barrel I want to trade for a pocket revolver. I would prefer a .36 cal pocket revolver but I am open to a .31 cal. I don’t like how the 1858 fits in my hand but I felt one one of the pocket revolvers last week and really liked it. Not sure if I...
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    CLOSED 1858 Remington Navy

    Brand new in the box Pietta 1858 Remington Navy from traditions. Got it last week and don’t like how it fits in my hand. It’s the 6-3/8” barrel in 36 cal. $350 + shipping
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    ASM 1851 Navy??

    I picked this up today at a local shop when I was picking up a transfer. It looks like it’s an 1851 navy in 36 cal. It isn’t marked with any caliber marks. Everything is under the loading lever. The date stamp seems to be [AP] which is 1986 I think. I am a little lost because of the...
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    CLOSED Traditions Kentucky rifle

    Kentucky rifle built from a kit. Shot a hand full of times. Got a doe with it last January at 70 yards. Works great with Lee real bullets. $350 + shipping. Price drop $300 + Shipping
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    SOLD Pietta 1851 Navy Snub Nose

    Brand new 1851 Pietta Snub Nose from Taylor’s and Company. Been sitting in the safe since I got it. Never fired. Still have the box. $350 + shipping
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    CLOSED 1860 army

    I’m looking for an 1860 army sheriff or full size. Would prefer steel frame. I am in the Austin TX area. Under 300$ shipped if possible.
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    FOR SALE Cva mountain rifle

    I am having to sell the cva mountain I restored from the ground up. I am thinking $350 plus shipping. Trying to pay some stuff off…
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    FOR SALE Pietta Griswold & Gunnison revolver

    Pietta brass framed dance 250$ plus shipping.
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    SOLD CVA Hunter Hawken

    Have a hunter Hawken 50 cal sitting in the safe. Want to send it to s good home... not sure what they are going for. Thinking $250 ish plus shipping. Thoughts?
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    WANTED 1860 sheriff

    Looking for an 1860 sheriff. Good or bad shape is fine with me. Don’t want to spend a whole lot. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
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    WANTED 1860 grip frame

    I am wanting to get the grip frame for a Pietta 1860. I’m wanting the longer grip. I have the grips so I will only need the trigger guard and the back strap. Please let me know if you have one!