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  1. DiMarco_Mercantile

    WANTED Beeswax Candles

    Hello, I’m looking for pure beeswax candles, do y’all recommend any vendors?
  2. DiMarco_Mercantile

    WANTED Market Wallet/Slit pouch

    Hello, I’m looking for a market wallet/slit pouch (I hope that’s the right term) to hang on my belt. Linen, cotton, canvas, buckskin, is all fine. Thanks.
  3. DiMarco_Mercantile

    North Texas Cap Source?

    Hello, Is there anyone here in North Texas who knows of a local source of #11 caps? I know it’s a long shot, but any leads are appreciated. Thanks.
  4. DiMarco_Mercantile

    WANTED Wool Pack Blanket

    Hello, I’m looking for a simple wool blanket, preferably nothing too fancy or expensive. Thank you.
  5. DiMarco_Mercantile

    FOR SALE Shooting Bag

    Hello, I finished up this shooting bag the other day, it measures 8 1/4” long by 7 3/4” wide at the base, with a 1” gusset. It’s made with 3/4oz veg tan leather, lined with 100% cotton fabric. The strap is 6/7 oz veg tan, 1 1/4” wide and has a solid brass buckle. Saddle stitched throughout with...
  6. DiMarco_Mercantile

    Two Feathers!

    I ordered this .50 cal starter from Two Feathers and I’m pleased with his work! I’d highly recommend him if you’re looking for something that’s both well made and looks good.
  7. DiMarco_Mercantile

    Woven Sash Pattern?

    Hello, I purchased this sash this past weekend at a local rendezvous. It measures 3”x9’ What kind of “pattern” or “design” would this be considered? Thanks.
  8. DiMarco_Mercantile

    Leather Portmanteau Pattern?

    Hello, I’m looking to make myself a portmanteau, kind of like the one that Townsends sells. Do y’all know where I can find a pattern for one? I’d rather go off a pattern on the first run so I don’t end up wasting a bunch of leather if I mess it up. Thanks.
  9. DiMarco_Mercantile

    SOLD Flint Wallets

    Hello, I have these two flint wallets I made recently for sale. They’re 3 oz veg-tan with 100% cotton linings, saddle stitched together with waxed thread. They measure roughly 6 3/4” x 4” when open and 2 1/4 x 4” closed. I’m asking for $40 a piece, which includes shipping within the continental...
  10. DiMarco_Mercantile

    Flint Wallets

    Hello all, I made a few flint wallets of various designs, colors, and fabrics. They’re made of 3 oz veg tan leather, and the fabric is 100% cotton. They make quite the fun project!
  11. DiMarco_Mercantile

    WANTED Wool waistcoat

    Hello, I’m looking for a wool waistcoat that would fit 1825-40, new or previously used. It would be nice to have an extra layer of insulation!
  12. DiMarco_Mercantile

    SOLD Leather Ball bag

    Hello, I finished up this ball bag of 3oz veg tan leather, with a carved walnut stopper. It measures 6 1/2” including the stopper, by 2” wide, and can hold roughly 30-35 .50cal lead balls. I’m asking $50 + shipping for it, trades are also open. Thanks.
  13. DiMarco_Mercantile


  14. DiMarco_Mercantile

    WITHDRAWN -withdrawn-

  15. DiMarco_Mercantile

    Regarding Carrying Tomahawks

    Hello, I recently acquired a smaller tomahawk, and am looking to use it while out and about in the woods. How common of a practice was it to put a sheath on one? I haven’t found very many historic examples of people doing so, so I thought I might ask y’all. Thanks.
  16. DiMarco_Mercantile

    Reproduction spyglass (Pre-1840)

    Hello, Do any of y’all know where I could get good reproduction pre-1840 spyglass? I haven’t had too much luck besides cheap ones made in India. Thanks.
  17. DiMarco_Mercantile

    Clothing for greenhorns

    Hello, I’m relatively new to the fur trade reenactment scene, and I’m looking to purchase or trade for clothing to get started. I’ve already made myself a hat and am currently working on some moccasins. Where would y’all recommend I look or contact for something basic to get me started? Thanks.