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  1. frankie

    Show your Muzzleloading gems.

    I am so amazed at the muzzleloaders on this forum. It's what got me hooked. I wish they had a category for showing them off. Maybe now is the time to post some pictures. I have seen NO 2 alike, real beauties.
  2. frankie

    SOLD lyman great plains new stock Price lowered

    I have a brand new lyman great plains stock for sale. This came off a lyman GPR 50 caliber with a 32 inch barrel. I took all the metal off and duplicated a stock exactly like this with highly figured walnut to restock. I used the metal off of this to put on the duplicated stock. Am asking $85...
  3. frankie

    SOLD buffalo horn

    I wanting to give this away, (buffalo horn). I dont know if this can be used for a powder horn. It's 16 inches long by 3 1/2 at the base. It has 3 to four little worm holes I tried to show in the photos. All I'm asking is for someone to pay for shipping.
  4. frankie

    SOLD Lyman great plains rifle Price lowered

    I have a Lyman great plains for sale. Brand new in the box maybe fired in the factory. Maybe owned at one time by Daniel Boone but I cant find the provenance to verify that. 54 caliber 32 inch barrel percussion. I don't know the twist (maybe 1-60). I know it is not the hunter (1-32). I...
  5. frankie

    FOR SALE lyman great plains hawkens,

    Not made by Pedersoli but is in 54 caliber. Not the hunter model. Never assembled still in the box. If I post it would there be a interest in buying it on this forum for the right price? If it has been fired it was from the factory. It;s a later model. Thanks
  6. frankie

    break in?

    When one gets a new muzzleloader is there a need to shoot so many shots before the barrel is broke in? The same question for a barrel that has been realigned like from Bobby Hoyt? Thanks
  7. frankie

    cut fingers double ball bag.

    I had to take the time to post this. I ordered this from cut fingers. Very high quality. Very reasonable in price for the workmanship. Pictures don't do it justice. Thee nicest Accoutrement I have. It's one thing to order something from somewhere and when one get's it is in great shape and...
  8. frankie


    Does one have to use the octagonal shaped conicals in the Euro arms Whitworth for it to be real accurate? 451 caliber. Or can one use regular conicals of the same weight to be as accurate. I am thinking of getting one for long range shooting and want it to be as accurate as possible. Would...
  9. frankie

    smith carbines

    Are these very accurate out to 100 to 150 yrds In 50 caliber?
  10. frankie

    acraglass and crack

    Someone had a post on fixing a crack in a stock using acraglass from Brownells. It works very well if the acraglass is heated with a (paint stripper) heat gun. It doesn't take long to heat the acraglass, it will turn to a water consistency. Then pour it into the crack. Dont clamp it too hard...
  11. frankie

    acra glass.

    I just thought I would post this. Someone on this forum stated they are always worried about Acra glass sticking to the metal after bedding. It's not uncommon for people to ask me "what do I do if when I am bedding something with acra glass and the metal sticks to the wood)? First off I use a...
  12. frankie

    long range

    I have a Lyman gpr 1-32 twist 50 caliber percussion. If I was wanting to shoot at targets 4 to 500 yards away what rear or tang sight should I get? And yes, front sight? Idaho Ron was great enough to help me pick a load already as to what to start out with.
  13. frankie

    Into the wild Frontier

    Tomorrow night Thursday, this show is on at 7 PM. On dish network channel 259, INSP . It's about Jedidiah Smith. Just thought I would let everybody know.
  14. frankie

    don brown

    henry sporting rifle. 45 caliber. 30 inch barrel, Kit gun. from 1996 and needs assembled, not finished. Percussion, 1-32 twist. In crate. Octagon barrel. Is this worth $650? I have a chance to buy it but I know nothing about it. Does this sound good. Thank you
  15. frankie

    pedersoli great plains

    I am wanting to buy my first flintlock. I am a stock maker. Would I regret buying and assembling a pedersoli great plains flintlock kit? I just don't know the pros and cons to doing this. I don't mind doing the metal prep and bluing. I plan on turning a new stock and putting it (black walnut)...
  16. frankie

    Lancaster flintlock

    Ok I dont know if it's right to post this on this forum but I will anyway. On the forum "American long rifles" there is a post of a guy selling a Lancaster rifle. Magnificent, beautiful flintlock. He has only 7 posts, anyway he is asking $2000 and to me its worth a whole lot more but I am no...
  17. frankie

    Into the wild

    Into the wild is on tonight at 7 pm. channel 259 on dish. It's about Tom Fitzpatrick
  18. frankie

    quit posting flintlock pictures!!

    I have seen so many beautiful flintlocks on here. If I see any more, I am going to have to have one. All my ml"s are percussion. lol. Thanks for all your photos of your flintlocks.
  19. frankie

    the gun shop

    Is this site on the internet safe to buy from? Thanks guys
  20. frankie

    hawkens style, trapdoor

    Im looking for a guy on here that posted a picture of his hawken style stock with a trapdoor receiver. I need to ask him a question