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  1. rdavidson

    Grizz with a 50 RB

    Bears Grisly and black along with mountain lions should not be hunted. They should be captured and relocated to areas along our southern border.
  2. rdavidson

    Comparing two French Fusils

    If that was my work I would be right proud of myself
  3. rdavidson

    It possible…

    They can be some what costly but for the entertainment they provide a man they are relatively cheap. Lot cheaper than drugs or women.
  4. rdavidson

    Nifty shooting least I think so...;)

    I am impressed.
  5. rdavidson


    A rescue dog by all means. They deserve a chance.
  6. rdavidson


    Can't imagine an adventure without a good dog.
  7. rdavidson

    What is Wrong in this Picture?

    Mike Beliveau (Duelist1954) has a series I think 3 videos on youtube. It's the basics of flintlocks and is very informative for a new flintlock owner.
  8. rdavidson

    Hounds and flintlocks

    Old saying. Popular during the 1920's and 30's
  9. rdavidson

    My brother finally lost his battle with cancer

    RIP Warrior brother.
  10. rdavidson

    Butt Stitches and Drawstrings

    That's not just a bag. It's art of high order.
  11. rdavidson

    If I was a man living on the frontier during the revolution what would I have carried?

    Ounce told an Air Force young woman who was proclaiming quite loudly how those infantry troops next door were such brutes and should not be allowed out in public that there is only two jobs in the US military. You are infantry or you support the infantry and that's it. Hard for me to say as I...
  12. rdavidson


    For several months I kept getting calls for a Mr. Martin. I finally got tired of telling them that no such person lived here so I finally told the young lady that I was sorry but Mr. Martin was in prison. He had murdered his wife and her boyfriend and I didn't think he would be back any time soon.
  13. rdavidson

    Moving On

    Might use that for the mosquitos in Sabine Pass Tx
  14. rdavidson

    Wasp Nest

    Somehow I wound up with a nest of giant Asian hornets on my property. Have no idea how they got there but those things are big. They could carry a cat off and man do they hurt, ask me how I know.
  15. rdavidson

    Interesting find - mounting a horse

    I was taught to mount from the left however my maternal grandfather a full blood Comanche/Kiowa told me that his people mounted from either side as the situation required and could do it when the horse was running. Never saw that done but I have no reason not to believe him. Another good book is...
  16. rdavidson

    Interesting find - mounting a horse

    Empire of the summer moon by SC Gwynne
  17. rdavidson

    Precusion Caps Making A Comeback.

    Well everyone should be pretty PO'ed by now
  18. rdavidson

    J.p. beck flinklock

    If they won't allow photos they may have some suspicion that it was stolen.
  19. rdavidson

    1803 harpers ferry 54 cal

    Now that's a true friend. I hope everything works out well for you. Good luck
  20. rdavidson

    I have a serious question about the use of the Enfield rifle in the American Civil War.

    I saw a study done I believe shortly after WWll in which a significant percentage of soldiers never fired directly at the opposing force because of their reluctance to kill. That is why the American military now uses pop up silhouettes instead of the bullseye target in an effort to desensitize...