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  1. RIDE-RED350R

    45 cal question

    Hello. I'm considering getting my teenage daughter a traditional ML in 45 caliber, something along the lines of a TC Seneca. I only have experience with 50 cal and am wondering about 45 caliber bullets. Would I be limited to 45 cal maxi type bullets specifically for MLs or would a cast bullet...
  2. RIDE-RED350R

    TC Hawken stock re-finish

    Apologies if this isn't the correct category to post this thread. A week ago, I went to the LGS and brought home what seems to be an early 1980s TC Hawken 50. It's been well cared for, but used. The metal finish is about 95% by my layman's estimation. The stock is still overall in very good...
  3. RIDE-RED350R

    Greetings from rural NY

    Hello everyone. My name is Joe and I live in rural central NY. I got into muzzleloading with my dad back in the mid 1990s. Dad had a TC New Englander 50 he got in 1995 and one year later I got my TC Renegade 50. Dad passed a few years ago and my brother has his rifle. I still have my Renegade...