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  1. granth

    Pedersoli Harper's Ferry Pistol Wonky Lock Geometry.

    Hello! I just got my Harper's Ferry pistol in the mail today from Pedersoli. I have heard that the locks on these guns possibly need a good tuning and some work in order to get the geometry right. When I unboxed the pistol, it became apparent that some lock work has to be done. The cock stops...
  2. granth

    Pedersoli 1805 Harper's Ferry Pistol

    Hello all. I recently bought a Pedersoli 1805 Harper's Ferry Pistol off Dixie Gun Works. I was just wondering about y'alls recommendations on charge, patch thickness and flint size. Thanks!
  3. granth

    Cool Little Hopkins and Allen “The Offhand” Underhammer.

    Today me and my dad bought a nice little underhammer from one of the guys who is in our muzzleloading club (shoutout to Mike at the White Smoke Brigade!). It’s .44 cal and we cast probably 400 balls for it and we got some caps. Can’t wait to shoot it!
  4. granth

    WANTED Top Jaw Screw 70513L Traditions Mountain Rifle

    Hello all. I am in need of a replacement top jaw screw for my Traditions Mountain Rifle build. I've emailed Traditions for a replacement, but I have had no luck. I was wondering if maybe one of you guys had one that I could purchase off you. Traditions make other top jaw screws, but I'm not too...
  5. granth

    Places to get a matchlock?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering, where in the world could I get my hands on a matchlock? It seems that most large producers (Traditions, Pedersoli) do not make any matchlocks. I've seen some Indian ones but I am weary of them. Would I have to commission one from a builder or is there a company...
  6. granth

    First Muzzleloading Kit Build Thread

    Hello y’all, I just received a Traditions .50 Caliber Flintlock for my recent birthday. I am super excited to build it, and I will update this thread with my build progress. Wish me luck!
  7. granth

    Function of a patented breech?

    So I was just reading Ned Robert's book called "The Muzzleloading Caplock Rifle", and Mr. Roberts was talking about how a "patented breech" allows for more reliable ignition as opposed to a normal breech plug. What exactly is a patented breech, and how does it work in comparison to a normal...
  8. granth

    English vs American stock styles.

    I was wondering, why does the American longrifles have curved buttstocks, but the English guns have flat ones? Most of the Eastern coast was settled by the British, so wouldn't it make sense that American gun design would replicate the flat buttstock of the English guns?
  9. granth

    Looks like I got a lot of reading to do!

    I’m excited to read these both.
  10. granth

    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Appreciation Post

    My favorite scene from my favorite movie, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. I love the small details in this fight, the volleygun, primitive grenades and just the general chaos just makes this battle scene amazing.
  11. granth

    Lack of younger shooters?

    Hello, everyone. I posted a similar topic in the Member's only forum and I think it would get more traction here. So I am 16, and I have noticed the lack of young shooters in this sport. I'm relatively new, but so far I have had a blast. I've observed that the majority of BP shooters are in the...
  12. granth

    Range Shooting Box

    Hey y'all, I am in desperate need of a shooting box. I don't want a plastic box, or anything too modern looking. I am not planning on storing any guns in it. Do y'all have any recommendations on a range box?
  13. granth

    Japanese Matchlocks

    We often think of Japanese warriors exclusively carrying katanas into battle. During the Sengoku Period (1467-1615) and Edo Period (1603-1867), matchlocks were actually used quite frequently! These matchlocks were known as tanegashima or hinawajū ("matchlock gun") and they were carried by...
  14. granth

    My first time shooting muzzleloaders.

    Here’s just a couple of videos of me shooting some muzzleloaders. I shot a .50 caliber Traditions Mountain Rifle (percussion) and a .45 caliber flintlock Kentucky Rifle. I had a lot of fun and I really thank the guys at the White Smoke Brigade for showing me the ropes!
  15. granth

    What size flint for the Traditions Mountain Rifle?

    Hey y'all, just a quick question, what size flint should I use for a Traditions Mountain Rifle? It recommends 5/8", but I don't know if it is talking about a 5/8"x 5/8" square flint or a 5/8" x 3/4" flint.
  16. granth

    Where can I find black powder?

    Recently, I've been in the market for a black powder gun and accessories for my upcoming birthday. I've had no issue finding what I wanted except for black powder. Everywhere I look, it seems to be sold out everywhere! I'm thinking of making some, but if I can find some online that would be nice...
  17. granth

    Thinking about buying my first flintlock.

    Hello! I am currently debating about spending my money on a flintlock rifle. The world of flintlocks is quite foreign to me, so I was wondering if some of you guys could help direct my purchase. I will be using the gun for target shooting only. I've heard Traditions and Pedersoli are quite...
  18. granth

    Hello from Williamson County, Texas!

    Hello, my name is Grant, and I have recently become enamored with muzzleloaders. I currently don't own one yet, but I am planning on buying a nice muzzleloader soon. I am also a very large history buff (mainly the Napoleonic Wars and American Civil War). I am happy to be apart of your community...