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    How to install post sight?

    I'm building a ca. 1630 snaphaunce gun with a smoothbore octagon to round barrel with a .75 cal bore. One of the two guns I'm basing it on has a front sight I'd like to duplicate--just a little round topped post, about 1/2 inch from the muzzle. The post is no more than 1/8 inch diam. I would...
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    Improper post?

    On 02/18/08 I posted a question (Post#534166) in the Pre-Flintlock forum about the proper barrel profile for a snaphaunce musket. It was there several days, I had recieved 1 reply, and had posted a follow up question. When I checked for replies the next day the topic string no longer existed...
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    What would be a correct barrel

    What would be a correct barrel profile for a 1600's English snaphaunce musket a la The Rifle Shoppe's # 579? TRS's barrel for it is described as 46" octagon to round in .77 caliber. I will order one from them if they can swear to me that there is one setting on the shelf as we speak and they can...
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    CO2 discharger recommendations?

    I'm thinking of putting a ball discharger on my Christmas list. Not that I would ever have a use for one. In 25 years of shooting muzzleloaders I've never dryballed and k?#--sorry, my nose was growng so long it was hitting the keyboard. ) Anyway, I would appreciate any recommendations of makes...