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  1. Salt River Johnny

    Percussion rifle

    Anyone have an ideal perhaps what area in the U.S. this 36 Cal rifle may have been made? No markings found. Thank you
  2. Salt River Johnny

    Your thoughts on this percussion rifle.

    I have been buying guns from a collection this is one that I can not find a markings on it. Full stock 36 Cal. Appears to be a tiger stripe stock. Looks like a flint conversion. A Ohio rifle style? Any help would be appreciated. I love these old guns.
  3. Salt River Johnny

    WANTED 1816/35 Springfield musket lock

    I am in need of a original 1816 Springfield musket. Belgian cone conversion percussion complete lock plate dated 1835. This needs to be in great shape. I would like to trade for this item. I have alot of militaria and Arisaka parts.. I am in Missouri. . Thank you all.
  4. Salt River Johnny

    Pre 1800 Missouri refrence.

    I do alot of research about Pre 1800 Missouri including the French, War of 1812 an the Native Americans in Missouri. Found this great source several years ago. I am makeing a musket with simular parts as shown from one of the sources. Enjoy.
  5. Salt River Johnny

    New guy.

    Salt River Johnny. I live here in Missouri. I have been shooting over 40 years. I enjoy 18th Century history of Missouri. I do living history events.Thank you.