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  1. Vintagebpcs

    Question on flintlocks

    As the others have said yes. A few points to consider for determining if you should. Which eye dominate are you left or right. Left eye dominate is preferred to shooting lefty and both eyes open. With R guns, pan flash may be an issue. Easily over come with a blinder patch, darkened glasses...
  2. Vintagebpcs

    Brown, blue, or naturally aged?

    I have done them all at various times over the last 40 years. In the early years I used plum brown and I do like the results. Later tried acid browns and the sweat box not my favorite. Often rather spotty and required lots of time. The cold blues worked for touch up situations or small parts...
  3. Vintagebpcs

    Barrel rebore service

    I have several blank belgium side by side barrels. One side shotgun the other for rifling. Would any one know if the mentioned machinists can set up for offset reboring. Sound like those mentioned are very busy and take along time to reply.
  4. Vintagebpcs

    BPTV VIDEO: How to Safely Ship a Long Gun

    After reading the comments and researching expensive commercial options I’ve decided the wood box concept (BPTV) is the safest and most economical solution. Thankfully I have the tools and shop setup to do the box.
  5. Vintagebpcs

    Shipping box/case

    Anyone have a resource for muzzleloader shipping box or hard case. Primarily need items in the plus 64in long range for full size long gun. Want something that is regulation for UPS, FedEx, USPS.
  6. Vintagebpcs

    WANTED .54 quality flintlock

    Here is a Wm Hawken full stock 54cal 1 1/8 in barrel, in a style of what may have come out of the early shop in Maryland. PM for details
  7. Vintagebpcs

    How many grains in a pound?

    Correct a grain is a weight measure that must be verified on a scale when charging with a volumetric measure. If a shooter is consistent in the process of loading, the difference between volume and weight is negligible for the same powder batch. Switch lots, brands, granulation or altering...
  8. Vintagebpcs

    Best way to use spit patch?

    My two cents. I use precut-presoaked patches while at the range where I’m firing relatively fast. In the field I follow the same procedure as others describe, a few grease lubed patches and balls. My presoaks are generally precut patches that I will lightly spray with a concoction of 1 part...
  9. Vintagebpcs

    Scrimshaw question

    Yes it can be done with good success. Have made several such horns when good quality Buffalo horn turns up here in the upper Great Lakes. After a lot of trial and errors I found that, first you need to scratch very sharp and moderately deep grooves in the surface. I use a pin vise and old used...
  10. Vintagebpcs

    Powder Charges?

    I‘ve been reading this thread with interest having gotten back into BP cartridge stuff again. All this discussion about powder charges is worthless with out knowing each shooters loading components. IE: bore diameter, ball diameter, patch thickness, barrel length, patch lube, fowling control...
  11. Vintagebpcs

    Is that a Hawken?

    Interesting discussion. I made a Hawken style full stock rifle in 54 cal flint. From my research of the Hawken family of gunsmiths, their were other brothers and the father making rifles in Maryland before the J&S move to St Lois Mo. I believe the father and brother William remained in Maryland...
  12. Vintagebpcs

    1st time figuring out a load

    As far as I know the BP substitutes won't work in flintlocks unless combined with a BP pre-charge of +5 gn. (This is the flintlock thread) BP Substitutes work in cap guns. I agree tight group is the measure to achieve. The red cherries are the indicator that use of more powder is at the point of...
  13. Vintagebpcs

    Picking out new rifle help needed

    My two cents worth, I have been building muzzleloaders for 40+years and can say that you will get what you pay for regardless of who or where it may come from. My average scratch built flinter starts at $700-$900 in parts alone,with a precarved P grade stock. The PP+ stock quality makes for...
  14. Vintagebpcs

    1st time figuring out a load

    Reviewed all the comments on this thread and from 40+ years as shooter, noticed no one mentioned this tid bit I go by. Start at powder charge equal to the caliber and increase by 5 gn increments until you notice red cherries develop near the muzzle. You may need to look down the barrel to see...