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  1. moose23

    Look what I found

    I went out to get a load of firewood this afternoon, and look what I found! It’s just a piece of firewood but it appears to be curly! And it’s black cherry! That’s right, not curly maple. It’s curly cherry! Obviously can’t make a gun stock from it, but I might try and do something with it, like...
  2. moose23

    Found some powder…kind of expensive!

    I’ve been calling around local gun shops recently, about every 2 weeks or so. And today…BINGO!!! A shop about 20 minutes away just got some in. But they are charging $42 per can. It’s Shuetzen FFF. I’m headed up tomorrow after work to get some. This is the highest I’ve ever paid for BP, but...
  3. moose23

    Any ideas what this pistol might be?

    My father-in-law gave me this pistol a few years ago. Any ideas what it might be? What company made it? On the barrel is has the number 738/ then a space and 1XXX and then PN and some symbol my eyes can’t make out cause it’s so small. The other side of the barrel says MODEL 1810 CAL .45...
  4. moose23

    TC Hawken question

    I own 2 Thompson Center Hawken flintlocks, both .50 caliber. One of them has the word HAWKEN stamped on the barrel, and one does not. The one stamped HAWKEN looks newer and has a 6-digit serial number. The other one, which looks older, has a 5-digit serial number. Does anyone know why they...
  5. moose23


    Hello everyone. I’m new to the forum (about a month ago), and I’m enjoying all the conversations so far. I’ve noticed that a lot of acronyms are used frequently. For the purpose of clear, concise communication, I’ve decided to start this thread. Before starting it, I did a search for old threads...
  6. moose23

    What’s this gun?

    My dad recently acquired this gun. Anyone have any idea where, when it might have been made? Barrel has J. DOUGLAS engraved on it. Side plate has O.H. Engraved on it. Overall length 56” LOP 13.5” Barrel 41.5”
  7. moose23

    George Washington

    Ok, I could probably just look this up online, but I’d rather hear from forum members, since I’ve discovered lately that I get way better info on here than a Google search can provide. So here goes… When George Washington made his famous first mission in 1753 to deliver Governor Dinwiddie’s...
  8. moose23

    Does your state have a Flintlock ONLY season?

    Here in PA we have a Flintlock ONLY season after Christmas. I’m curious if other states have this? Or is PA the only one?
  9. moose23

    Really neat photo

    While my cousin was putting a drive on for me yesterday, he snapped this pic of an owl just hanging out in a tree.
  10. moose23

    Got another one

    Got another one today with my TC Hawken. All tags are filled, time to put everything away for the year.
  11. moose23

    Got one today!

    I was able to fill a tag today with my TC Hawken. Love late season flintlock here in PA, especially when there’s snow on the ground.
  12. moose23

    Need help

    I bought a TC Hawken flintlock tonight at an estate sale. I pull the hammer back to full cock, pull the set trigger, then squeeze the front trigger, the hammer stops at the half cock position, and the flint does not strike the frizzen. But if I just ignore the set trigger and squeeze the front...
  13. moose23

    New PA guy

    Hi everyone. I’m another new guy from PA. I headed out this morning with my TC Hawken, and only deer I saw was a small buck (not legal here in PA). I’ll be back out tomorrow morning! My name is Mike, and I live in Beaver County, PA