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    Joseph Plum Martin

    Good book, one of the first I read on the subject. Definitely need to get it back in my lineup for a re-read.

    Newbie from New England

    Welcome from Massachusetts!

    How did you get hooked?

    Love of history, which lead to reenacting, which lead to "man let me shoot these live", to "man I need to collect more"...And here we are.

    Historically accurate or Fantasy??

    Not the best quality image, but an extant example taken from the 18thC Material Culture slideshow.

    Historically accurate or Fantasy??

    I think that's certainly in the realm of something that would have been seen in the last half of the 18th Century, early 19th. British officers did often carry "cut down" versions of the Land pattern muskets, not necessarily to say they were cut down and field modified. They would be made by a...

    Wood Walk Shoots

    fillwa thanks for sharing. Unfortunately can't make this one, doesn't seem to be a whole lot of wood walk events.

    Middlesex Village Trading - Any good?

    Try Home He has done work for me and is a strait shooter, he has a revolving collection of muskets and is always on the lookout for more.

    Primitive biathalons

    Not to bring this back from the dead, any woods walk, or summer/fall competitions anywhere? Went back on the sites that were mentioned in this thread and wasn't able to find anything/updated event calendars.

    Living History Impressions, let's see those photos!

    Mods, Where this thread is one which will be continually updated as folks go to events and take pictures, and is a show and tell type deal can we pin this to the top?
  10. MAPMFF

    Living History Impressions, let's see those photos!

    The tintype photo is great. Those cameras had massive resolution which made for capturing great detail. I love seeing reenactors get photos made by them, some, like yours are very convincing. I wish my chosen period of reenacting had camera technology!
  11. MAPMFF

    Living History Impressions, let's see those photos!

    While I wholeheartedly agree. Lets keep that debate in that (prematurely?) closed thread. Lets keep the focus here on folks submitting living history impressions.
  12. MAPMFF

    Four Revolutionary War cannons found

  13. MAPMFF

    Living History Impressions, let's see those photos!

    @Brazos John Thank you! I live just outside of Boston, so I am fortunate to be surrounded by the history of the Revolution. Turn out isn't a big problem around here, hoping for it to ramp up even more as we head towards the 250th anniversary cycle. That one event where the photo is from is an...
  14. MAPMFF

    Living History Impressions, let's see those photos!

    Popped up on my memories on facebook. at Left as a Sergeant of dismounted troopers from Tallmadge's Troop, 2nd Regt. Light Dragoons at Old Sturbridge Village in 2017.
  15. MAPMFF

    Modern Eyeglasses

    I suffer the same thing, big melon, the period glasses look comically small on my head. One of these days I'll get Lasik and not have to worry about dirty fingers during an event plucking contacts in and out.
  16. MAPMFF

    Modern Eyeglasses

    A great set of guidelines is listed here. This is from Minuteman National Historic Park, which puts on an excellent program every April called Battle Road, highlighting the running battle from Concord back to Boston, a lot of it on the original ground. The authenticity requirements are pretty...
  17. MAPMFF

    Modern Eyeglasses

  18. MAPMFF

    Modern Eyeglasses

    I don't promote the division between progressive and mainstream units, there is a home for everyone in this hobby. However again, I fall back on if its worth doing, it's worth doing correctly. If its a monetary thing, where does one cut costs? Maybe wear some black lace up Adidas sneakers to an...
  19. MAPMFF

    Long time listener, First time caller

    Welcome from Massachusetts!