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    Bill Large Barreled Rifle. Need information

    Hello, not sure what we have here. Hoping someone can shed some light. Barrel is stamped W M Large. Bore is bright and shiny, looks very fast twist. Not sure on the caliber, going to slug it later. No other markings, except for 3 little marks on the bottom of the barrel. Stock is very thick...
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    FOR SALE TC Renegade Hunter .54cal Percussion

    That would make someone a great shooter!
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    Pietta Navy 36 cal wedge ?

    Mine, too.
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    FOR SALE Investarm 54 Cal Hawken-price reduced!

    Beautiful! It will make someone a great rifle!
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    WANTED What have youns got?

    I have a Pedersoli Kentucky posted here.
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    1841 Mississippi questions, (Pedersoli)

    Mine too! TC Renegade, .54.
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    SOLD .50 Hawken Green Mountain Barrel

    Sold complete rifle as a unit, pending funds....
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    SOLD .50 Hawken Green Mountain Barrel

    You are all good to reply, "Africa"... Thanks for shopping!
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    Brown Bess Saved My Life

    Glad to hear you have the doctors on point. Just 1 more reason to love the Bess!
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    SOLD .50 Hawken Green Mountain Barrel

    Yes, and by the time you add it all up, plus the labor to assemble and blue, viola! High Dollar Stuff! But, if you can do this all yourself you can save a ton!
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    SOLD .50 Hawken Green Mountain Barrel

    I'll take off $50 if you only want the barrel. Shipping will be cheaper, too. This is a Green Mountain, after all...
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    SOLD Thompson Center Renegade Hunter .50 Mint cond. with Box & Accessories

    Very nice. I have several of these. Great shooters!
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    SOLD .50 Hawken Green Mountain Barrel

    Standard Green Mountain round ball twist. I was told 1 in 66". On the watch, thanks! lol
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    SOLD .50 Pedersoli Kentucky Percussion:

    Hello, for sale is my .50 Pedersoli Kentucky Percussion: $650 + shipping. I have not fired this gun; but, the bore is very nice.. Pics don't do it justice. Only the very slightest of handling marks. Nice patina to the brass.
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    SOLD .50 Hawken Green Mountain Barrel

    Hello, for sale is my .50 Hawken with a Green Mountain Match Barrel: $599 firm + shipping. The ramrod that came with the gun is included, but is a bit short. Maybe with a JAG it would be the right length. I am including the bench rod in the pictures. Bore is very nice with well defined lands...
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    Green Mountain TC Hawken barrels?

    My experience is the same. I use pillow ticking. No problem grouping at 50 yards.
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    I have a question for the Smoothbore crowd

    Great answer. I agree.