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    Spotted Eagle

    and maybe the real name has been lost over time , or misspelled perhaps. i think it was originally SPOTTED BEAGLE just makes more sense. i think i need more coffee:doh:
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    Anyone know what threads GR Douglas and Sharon uses for their barrels?

    usually depends on a.c.f. measurement. just measure the hole
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    red dot sight

    you owe it to yourself to stay in the game, and owe it to the game to shoot well:thumb:
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    WANTED that kit you have and can't get around to finishing.

    robot birds? i sure there are plenty of started kits out there. will be interesting too see whats around. good luck .
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    Chambers English Fowler

    hi, thank you all for the great info here. im starting a chambers english fowler kit i picked up second hand [ no work started] it came with a cherry stock. what would the proper finish be for it. thanks .mike
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    My new Barn gun

    how do you sleep at night ;)
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    started on an untouched chambers english fowler / officers fusil kit that i scored at the allentown pa. show. $ 600.00 could not pass it up. :p i really wanted a kibler fowler but they keep pushing it back it seems.
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    Thoughts on shorter barrels (or…Stop me from my blaspheme!)

    bend the barrel. after eliminating all human error. shot from a bench, have someone else try a group ,ect. if still off, bend dont cut. [ not easy to put back] although i never bent a barrel with an under rib. might separate? anyone done this??
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    Dovetail sight ?

    was always told left to right out, reverse in.
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    Need help identifying

    try a magnet on the tacks. old tacks should be all brass. [?] feathers look too good to be 150 years old. leather also. though i could be wrong. just ask my wife :p
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    William "Bill" Smith - Custom Possible Bag

    very, very nice. one to be proud of.
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    Does BATF check on black powder purchasers ?

    they are watching us right now... quick... hide. o_O
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    Does BATF check on black powder purchasers ?

    to the best of my knowledge it is sick bird to copy someones d/l
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    Hard times for BP shooters

    yes. on his part.
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    DUAL-caliber early matchlock!

    had to have built by aliens👽 just amazing
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    Please help me streamline my little collection...

    oh yeah . might wanna hang on to the tang sight.. us it on the a/h
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    Please help me streamline my little collection...

    if you choose the a/h .... you have chosen wisely :p
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    Kibler first trip to the range

    and then at .............just keep goin :thumb:
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    Selling a flintlock

    where is local ???
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    Selling a flintlock