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    SOLD CVA 50 cal Mountain Rifle w/ extras

    Early "transitional" model with 4 screw patch box and octagonal ferrules, not marked USA or Spain. Overall finish is very nice with just a little thinning around the nipple. Nice wood and a good slow twist bore this rifle always performed great with roundballs. Will include a nice possibles bag...
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    SOLD Hand Forged Robert "Butch" Silver Spike Hawk

    Bought this a few years back and it has been hanging on a wall ever since. Forged from a vintage ball peen hammer it has a curly ash haft with leather wrap at the top. This is the real deal with a hardened blade, appropriate weight, dimensions and balance for a weapon not camp axe. Butch's work...
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    Where did my Calvin Stevens custom "Tingle Style" topic go?

    Not sure why but my post concerning this gun is gone. What happened?
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    Need recommendation for patch-ball combination

    Just picked up a custom "Tingle Style" handgun for target and small game. Pushed a lead slug into the muzzle, pulled it back out, and got the following dimensions. Lands were approx .340 to .342, grooves were .350 to .352. What would you recommend for a patch / ball set up? Thanks in...
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    Shot my first flinter today

    Well the temperatures reached a balmy 39 degrees today so I decided to take out my Pedersoli Frontier 54. This was my first time shooting a rocklock, I shot it 9 times with no issues with ignition. First, here's my gun and the conditions... Next, my targets. First one is 3 shots at 25yds./...
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    I needed some flints...

    I recently purchased my first rocklock, a slightly used Pedersoli Frontier 54 cal. While waiting for the weather to clear , and after reading so much on flint types, I decided to order a few to try. I decided to try Stonewall Creek Outfitters cause I've heard of uniformity issues with flints...
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    What load combos for Pedersoli 54 cal?

    My first flinter should be on its way, a Pedersoli Frontier in 54 cal. Pedersoli's website shows a recommended ball size of .535 with a .010 patch. What do you guys use in your Pedersoli 54s?
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    Charles Daly Manufacturers?

    I've seen that some are made in Italy and others made in Spain. Who manufactured these guns and what are the differences in quality? Thanks ...BEWW
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    Opinions on Siler and L&R Locks

    I've been looking at a couple of different semi-custom flintlocks, one has a Large Siler lock, the other has a L&R Late English "Waterproof" lock. What are the pros and cons for these two locks? Thanks for your input...BEWW
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    Value of a J. Garner .58 cal?

    Any ballpark on a price for a fullstock flintlock (I believe it to be a Siler) in good condition marked J.Garner? Search resulted in multiple threads about Jack Garner, just trying to narrow down price for one of his guns in .58 cal. Nothing fancy, guess it would be considered a Po' Boy...
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    Been on the hunt for a good hawk

    Well, my eyes are 'bout crossed from searching the net to find a good hawk. There are what appear to be some very nice examples on Ebay (Craig Barr, Devin Price, Mark McCoun, etc.). Unfortunately they seem to go beyond what a po' boy can afford. I've also looked at Fort Turner, Track, and a...
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    Is .50 cal. roundball enough for a cow elk?

    I have a 50 cal. CVA Mountain Rifle that loves to shoot roundball. I drew 2 tags for here in Northern Nevada, a mule deer buck, and one for cow elk. I know the roundball will be OK for the deer, and was planning on using it on the cow elk also. Is this a bad idea? If so, I'll have to get busy on...
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    Show Us Your Patch Knives

    I'm looking to get a hunting bag set up and I was trying to determine if something I already have is suitable to be used as a patch knife. Please share some pics of what you use and include dimensions. I'm thinking about either of these knives, but not sure 'cause I've never tried the "cut at...
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    What's the recipe for Moose Milk/Juice

    I got too many hits when I searched, anybody have a link to recipe? Danke...BEWW
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    Got my new/old CVA Mountain Rifle today

    Hello gents, I've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of what is to be my new roundball gun, an older MR I purchased off of GB. Well it showed up today and I'm very pleased thus far. I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow, ran out of light today before I could snap some. The gun is in great...
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    Access to the archive data base

    I'm trying to research on a specific gun, a CVA Mountain Rifle. Search results only go back so far, and I know there must be more. Is there an archive that I can tap into? Thanks for your help...BEWW
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    Wilderness Rifle Works

    I'd been eye ballin' one of their Northwest rifles that is for sale on GB, are they any good? Ended up in the process of getting a CVA Mountain Rifle instead, how do they compare?
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    CVA Mtn Rifle with no patchbox?

    I've been looking for an affordable roundball gun and came across what appears to be an older Mountain Rifle. The dilema is that it has no patchbox, what gives?
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    Are underhammer rifles frowned upon at traditional shoots?

    Gonna buy me a ball thrower to use at a local shoot, never been to one yet, and was wondering what your opinions were on this. As far as I know, this would be a Rendezvous type setting.
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    Mule ear target rifles, any good?

    Looking at one of these that is approx. 36 cal. with a 37"x 1-1/8" barrel. Are these guns known to be good shooters and do they have any value?