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  1. kyle_kalasnik

    WITHDRAWN P1853 Enfield

    Original Enfield P1853 Rifle Musket ramrod is a replacement, lock is dated 1862 with crown $1,200, shipped to lower 48 PM with questions, concerns, better pictures, etc Thanks for looking, have a good evening. Respectfully, Kyle Kalasnik
  2. kyle_kalasnik

    SOLD Springfield 1842 Rifled Musket

    For sale Lock and tang are dated 1854, rifling is good, all original parts and hardware. Asking $1,800, I’ll pay for shipping in the lower 48. I am open to trades - Flintlock Longarms, 1842 Springfield Smoothbores, 1861 Springfields I can get more specific / detailed photos, or better ones...
  3. kyle_kalasnik

    Why are 1861s are hard to find?

    Why are Springfield 1861s and the various sub contracted rifle muskets so hard to find? Is it because it is the “epitome” of Civil War firearms, and the people who do own them have not listed them? I have found a few Bridesburg, Colt, etc, but even then the pickings are I’m pretty good and...
  4. kyle_kalasnik


    I recently purchased this Charleville Musket. I have always wanted a musket from that time period. I believe it is a 1763/66? If there are any specifics that anyone can point out, I would be greatly appreciative of. Please excuse the crummy photos, I can attempt to post better ones.
  5. kyle_kalasnik

    WANTED American Revolution Musket

    Good evening to all. I am in the process of looking to purchase a original Charleville Model 1763 or Brown Bess that was carried by American Troops, during the Revolutionary War. I have found a few on other sites that are available. But I was just wondering if anyone here had one they would be...
  6. kyle_kalasnik

    Northeast Trading Co?

    Located in Muncy, PA. I am thinking about taking a drive down there to check it out. I am not looking to purchase any muzzleloaders, just cleaning and maintenance supplies. Does anyone here have any experience with this place and Mr. Brady the owner/operator? If you would feel more...
  7. kyle_kalasnik

    Springfield 1842

    I recently “acquired” this 1842 Springfield Rifled Musket in lieu of cash for a plumbing job. Any opinions comments, concerns? I really like it. The bore is in excellent condition. What do you all figure is the value. I figured when I took the job I would owe the lady a few bucks to makeup the...
  8. kyle_kalasnik

    Ramrod issues with 1842 Rifle

    I recently acquired a 1842 Springfield Rifled Musket. I love it, but my only complaint is the ramrod that came with it. The ramrod looks authenti ramrod is made for minie balls When it is seated under the barrel it sticks out past the barrel 5/16” It is impossible to remove it unless I use...
  9. kyle_kalasnik

    WANTED 1795 Springfield

    Good afternoon, I am interested in buying a original 1795 Springfield. Thank you all for your time. Respectfully, Kyle Kalasnik
  10. kyle_kalasnik

    SOLD Brown Bess/British Soldier Book

    A good little book on the different models of the Brown Bess Mand a brief overview of British Army during the American Revolution. $12.00 shipping included (lower 48). Thanks for looking.
  11. kyle_kalasnik

    SOLD Armisport 1842 Springfield (Defarbed)

    Wall hanger (see Avatar) Only taken down to wipe off and clean Mint Condition Never fired Completely defarbed by Lodgewod Sling and good sturdy ramrod (as well as the factory original that came with it) are included. $1,500 shipped to your door. Open to trades. Thanks for your interest...
  12. kyle_kalasnik

    SOLD Pedersoli 1861 Special Contract (Defarbed)

    Wall hanger in my bar (avatar) Excellent condition with few almost invisible handling marks. Completely defarbed by Lodgewood New sturdy ramrod as well as the one that came from the factory (just in case ever decided to shoot it) Colt Sling, bayonet and leather scabbard Just making room for...
  13. kyle_kalasnik

    Brown Bess Carbine Question.

    Good afternoon, I have few questions regarding Pedersoli’s Brown Bess Carbine. Does anyone here have any experience with one, and what are your opinions If I was to purchase one, would some alterations allow it to be a miltia / civilian musket for the American Revolution / War of 1812? Much...
  14. kyle_kalasnik

    Pedersoli Blue Ridge Flintlock

    Just wondering if a Blue Ridge Flintlock would fall into the American Revolution and/or War of 1812 time period? Thank you in advance. Respectfully, Kyle Kalasnik