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    Rocky Mountain fur trade history

    There is enough here to last me for more years than I have left. Sorry if this has already been posted.
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    Percussion Miquelet

    Let's see if I can post a photo. Has anyone seen one of these? It's a new one for me. Probably in the wrong forum but it is a Miquelet.
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    Drying damp powder

    OK, this is an honest question. Obviously it is not a good idea to use heat other than sunshine. So, how about freeze drying?? I have noticed how ice cubes gradually dissapear in a frost free freezer and poorly sealed foods dessicate. I bet that powder, whether Black or substitute would dry...
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    Starfish capper

    Anyone used one of these? It looks like it might work pretty good for revolvers. Not very HC but neither am I.
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    Model cannon

    Just something I made. It's not an accurate model of anything but it does shoot. The bill is for scale, not a price.
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    CVA collection

    I was just browsing Armslist and there is a guy in Billings, Mt with a CVA collection for $500. A mountain rifle, 4 pistols, a derringer, a flask and a display case. He won't ship but if I was in easy driving distance I would probably go for it. Thought maybe someone here might be interested.
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    Muzzle blast silencers

    Does anyone shoot at a range that has blast silencers/absorbers? I don't know what they are called and I have never seen one or even heard of one till I saw this news article. If it works it would sure make things a lot more pleasant when a neighbor has a cannon or a black rifle with a big...
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    Goex reeenactor powder

    Midway USA has Goex reenactor powder for $11.59 a pound. Quite a savings over regular Goex. What say you all?? Goex says it's good for low pressure loads, whatever that might mean. I don't have an opinion but I bet some of us do.
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    Rough barrel

    I have an old Jukar rifle with a lot of machining marks in the barrel. I can feel them with a dental pick and a patched ball going down the barrel is not smooth at all. The rifle is old ( there is 1976 engraved on the barrel) but it has been fired very little if at all. The rifling is very...
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    Barrel lapping question

    When lapping a barrel with Scotch-brite pads should it be done dry or with some type of lubricant? I have a couple of old but lightly used Jukars that have very evident machining marks. It looks like they were drilled and no effort was made to smooth them. I just want to smooth out the...
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    Worn nipples and flintlock accuracy

    Yes, I really meant to say that. The general consensus seems to be that a nipple worn to an oversize hole causes poor accuracy in a percussion rifle. BUT, a flintlock flash hole is recommended to be at least 1/16 which would be mighty large for a nipple. Lots of people recommend drilling the...
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    WANTED Wanted Cherokee 45

    A fellow club member is looking for a Cherokee 45 for his grandson. Not having any luck at all on the auction and dealer sites. If anyone can help I'll put him in touch. Thanks
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    Practice with air rifle

    I think this is muzzleloading related because I bought the air rifle to practice for offhand muzzleloading. Shooting postal matches has made me realize just how dismal my offhand shooting is. With the air rifle I can step into the garage or back yard and shoot a 5 shot sort of group at most...
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    Play time

    I went out and shot my matchlock and two handgonnes. Lots of fun and smoke but I sure didn't hit much. The matchlock is a 12 gauge and the handgonnes are .50 caliber.
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    Flash rust experiment

    I just took a piece of cold rolled steel, the shiny kind without the scale from hot rolling. It is absolutely not stainless. ( There were some rust spots) . I sanded it clean and then degreased with lacquer thinner. Then I poured boiling water on it and waited. The only thing that occured was...
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    BP substitutes and chain fires

    Since BP substitutes are harder to ignite, might they contribute to chain fire prevention? Just a thought.
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    Cheap shooting gloves

    If you are having trouble hanging onto the the narrow grip on a revolver, these gloves are just tacky enough to give a good grip. They are amazingly durable, just thick enough to give a little warmth, and you can pick up fairly small items. No, not caps but you can handle a revolver just fine...
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    50 Caliber magnum?

    I attended a shoot Saturday, fireing at moving targets at about 20 yards. One of the guys fired his Kentucky/ plains type pistol with 120 grains loaded. Everything was fine but it got his attention for sure. We had a great time.
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    Barrel blank

    I have a 12 gauge barrel blank that I want to use for a matchlock. It is advertised as being 4140 steel. It is not tapered at all and the wall thickness is .165. So it isn't real thin but it isn't thick either. I don't know what this barrel was intended for because if it was chambered for a...
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    Breech plug threads

    Is there any reason not to use a coarse threaded breech plug? 7\8 - 9 to be exact. It's going in a shotgun barrel, not intended for heavy rifle loads.