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  1. Ozz

    What are the Woods Walk rules?

    I’m looking to set up a practice range at or local airgun club. Are there minimum/maximum distances, forced shooting positions, etc. Thanks, Paul
  2. Ozz

    Which Kibler?

    Actually, I’m almost 100% decided on the SMR, but which caliber. Primarily I’ll be using it for competitions but will hunt too. I hear the .40 is good. It’s the smallest caliber you can deer hunt with here in Alabama. Thanks for the help Paul
  3. Ozz

    Target rifle recommendations (patch and ball).

    Looking at the Pedersoli Jäger Target but I don't know a lot about them or even what is out there. My shooting will be limited to 100 yards and the rifle could be used to hunt with as well. It's my understanding that the Pedersoli Jäger can be swapped between flint and percussion by changing...
  4. Ozz

    Help me decide.... fast twist Pedersoli, White Muzzleloader Sporter or.....

    I have a couple of percussion rifles. A .36 Thompson I bought and a .50 CVA 1/66 twist that was given to me by a friend. Both shoot well. But I'm looking for a fast twist rifle that will better handle bullets, conicals and/or Minie Balls. I'd like to do some longer range shooting. I feel...
  5. Ozz

    #11 Percussion Cap Availability?

    Any available? If so, where. Thanks, Paul
  6. Ozz

    Anybody making their own percussion caps or using centerfire primers?

    I've read that small pistol primers can be used with plastic tubing. And then there's this> Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Making Percussion Caps and Primers But Were Afraid to Google - The Truth About Guns So, anyone doing any of these things? Thanks, Paul
  7. Ozz

    New to me TC Seneca .36

    So I just bought a .50 TC Hawken and the very next weekend another friend brought a TC Seneca in .36 that I feel in love with. I'm selling the .50 as I really didn't have the cash for both and I like the smaller Seneca. Question, where can a get a drop in barrel for the Seneca. I'd like one...
  8. Ozz

    TC Seneca .36

    So I happened into a little Seneca in .36, unfired. It's a nifty little rifle. I'm looking for options to feed it. I believe it has a 1/48 twist. What is the normal projectile diameter, .375"? Anyone have any pet loads? Thanks!
  9. Ozz

    Narrowed down to percussion, here's what I think I want.

    So, based on my limited experience, I've settled on 1:48 twist rifle. My thinking is that since this is my first rifle, I should get something that can shoot round ball as well as other types of ammo. My son has a Hawken rifle in .50 with double set triggers 1:48. We've been shooting it a...
  10. Ozz

    WANTED .50 Round Ball

    Hi, I'm needing some for my son's muzzle loader. He's almost out and I wanted to pick up some for Christmas. If anyone has any they can part with I'd appreciate it. I'm in East Central Alabama and willing to drive a couple hours. Thanks, Paul
  11. Ozz

    Picking out my first rifle.

    So as previously stated, I built a flintlock kit with my son. He also bought another flintlock. It’s a short rifle in .50 and I like it. It has a double set trigger that I is nice One of the first questions will be my intended purpose. I honestly don’t know. Are there any competitions...
  12. Ozz

    Is anyone out there making or otherwise sourcing everything themselves?

    So I saw where quartz could be used as a replacement for flint. I'm sure other stones would work as well. I know lots of folks pour lead. I also saw where the truly industrious make black powder. Is there anyone out there that is truly self sufficient?
  13. Ozz

    Please forgive my ignorance. Patch and/or wad question.

    I have minimal muzzleloading experience. My son and I put together a traditions kit and then he has since purchased another rifle. Both are flintlocks. i'm thinking about one for myself. Is there any muzzle loading ammo that does not require a patch, wad or sabot? I've reloaded for years...
  14. Ozz

    Smallbore choices

    so when my son and I built his Traditions kit, I felt that if I ever bought a ML, I would want a small bore gun like a .32. But after doing some research, I’m not sure. I was thinking about something on the quieter side, around 1100-1200 fps. I was hoping to be in the 120-150 fpe range, be...
  15. Ozz

    Looking for something a bit better....

    Hi all, I'm new here. Actually never had much of an interest in muzzle loading. But my son wanted a kit for Christmas, so we picked up a Traditions Flintlock kit built it and we both are enjoying shooting it very much. But, I'm looking for something a bit better with respect to the...