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  1. Grenadier1758

    Baker Rifle - Looking for Information

    A friend of mine has recently brought a Baker Rifle into his home for evaluation. Can anyone provide some more details of the rifle? The rifle has the 30" twist barrel. It has the bayonet mountings at the muzzle
  2. Grenadier1758

    Most Overrated Muzzleloading Accessories

    We have been taking a look at the items that we need and the items that most of us overlook or use so naturally that we don't think about them. What are the items that we have used that are way overrated? Some of the top items are the percussion systems that use 209 shotgun caps. Too many...
  3. Grenadier1758

    RWS vs CCI Magnum Percussion Cap Comparison

    I like to go to the range with a purpose in mind. Today I went to the range wanting to test the hypothesis, Target accuracy would be different with the only difference being the use of either RWS 1075 caps or CCI Magnum caps. My rifle of choice for this test is a known accurate 35 caliber...
  4. Grenadier1758

    What Happened to the Folder with all the Tables, Useful Information ...

    I went looking for that section of the Forum that held all these wonderful topics for the Recipe for Stupy's Moose Milk and Moose Snot. That also held the table of Italian Proof date Codes. While that table was due to be updated, it was still useful for manufacturers' codes and stampings...
  5. Grenadier1758

    Let's See What Your Handgun Loading Stand Looks Like

    I made a loading stand for both Pistol and Revolver. One of the features of the stand is that I can remove the center insert to configure the base to hold either a pistol or revolver. The cut outs are patterned using the grip of the revolver. That's the squared off cut out. The curved cut...
  6. Grenadier1758

    Didn't Think I Would Measure My Group with a Quarter

    I've been shooting my little SMR rifle in 36 caliber. 0.350" ball, 0.018" thick patch, 4 parts water and 1 part water soluble oil (from the time when the NAPA oil worked good). Been feeling pretty comfortable shooting it and since my cataract wracked lenses have been replaced the groups have...
  7. Grenadier1758

    PBS Beacham House

    Once again the British film makers are showing us how to find period correct items for use in their videos. The series takes place in India in the year 1795. There are several scenes where you can see most of the details of the 18th century costume at the end of the 18th century. There is...
  8. Grenadier1758

    Barn Sale Find

    The Christian Oerter rifle stolen 50 years ago was found at a ban sale near Philadelphia...
  9. Grenadier1758

    Rendezvous at Fort de Chartres - Cancelled

    High water from the Mississippi River is encroaching on the Fort and the decision was made to cancel the 49th Rendezvous. Sad that many of us will miss the event this year. We will have to wait until the November Woods Walk.
  10. Grenadier1758

    New Missouri Ban on Use of Lead Shot

    Missouri has expanded the restriction on lead shot to 16 more conservation areas.
  11. Grenadier1758

    Boolean Searches

    I recently tried a Boolean search in the keywords section of the search page and I didn't get the expected results. I was sure that the terms I was searching for were in the topic. Can you review the Boolean search protocol used for searches? Event though I used quotes to tell the search...
  12. Grenadier1758

    What are the present rules to edit a posting?

    I use the editing of my post quite a bit to make corrections. Sometimes I ran out of time. I don't see a place to get my posting back so I can edit the post. How do we edit our posts? MikeSTL aka Grenadier1758
  13. Grenadier1758

    Change of User Name

    For years my user name for the Forum has been Grenadier1758. My name has been changed by the new software to MikeSTL. While this is the name I used to originally create my information on the Forum, I would like to get my name back. MikeSTL aka Grenadier1758
  14. Grenadier1758

    Robert Campbell - Mountain Man

    I am presently enjoying the program, "Robert Campbell, Mountain Man", on the Public Broadcasting System. Good details in Campbell's time in the mountains. Covers the history. Shows how that time was significant. Shows how Campbell survived in the mountain. Covers Rendezvous. Shows present...
  15. Grenadier1758

    Photo Test

    I am trying to see if I can post photos now that my old provider won't let me. Yup, it works. This is my (built from a plank) Derringer rifle and my TVM (pre-Avance ownership) American fowler. I rather like my finger woven strap.
  16. Grenadier1758

    Francis Grose - Military Antiquities

    I really should have started this topic here. If you are looking for a book on the subject of the British Military, you won't go too far astray if you make use of Grose, Francis, Military Antiquities Respecting a History of the English Army from the Conquest to the Present Time (1786)...
  17. Grenadier1758

    Lets Talk About Poldark on PBS

    I just noticed that the second season of "Poldark" is going to be aired on PBS. The program is starting here in St. Louis on September 4. To recap, "Poldark" is a series based on a British Officer who was imprisioned during the AWI and returns to find his fiance married to his cousin, his...
  18. Grenadier1758

    1803 Harpers Ferry by the Grenadier

    I've been building this rifle for quite some time. It all goes to show me that if I keep at it and make use of the support of some members of my gun club, I can actually finish this rifle. The rifle was purchased as a Track of the Wolf Special Projects kit. Translation is that this is a set...
  19. Grenadier1758

    Contents of my Grenadier's Pouch

    The Grenadier's Cartridge Pouch Shown with the attached match case with slow match to light the fuse in a grenade Looking at the bottom of the pouch, showing the welt and the attachment of the two flaps. The back of the cartridge pouch showing the attachment of the outer flap and the seam...
  20. Grenadier1758

    Mosquitoes - An Unlikely Ally

    In the recent (June 21, 2016) posting from the Smithsonian Magazine, there was an article on the role of the mosquito in the course of history. How the Lowly Mosquito Helped America Win the War of Independence It seems that when the British troops were sent to the tidewater of Virginia...