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    FOR SALE Lyman Great Plains Rifle 50 caliber $550

    Selling my Lyman Great Plains Rifle, 50 caliber, percussion, 1:60 twist, 32" barrel, LOA = approx 50", weight = approx 9.7 pounds, browned barrel and furniture, clean and shiny bore, some nice figure in the wood (doesn't show too well in the pics), that's a shadow from my head on the stock in...
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    Shipping Restricted

    Wanted to let everyone know that we can't ship BP guns direct to a buyer in the following areas. I got this information from a member of this forum who directd me to Old South Firearms and I verified the following states and cities with them. Washington DC, Ohio, Massechuttes (sp ?), Rhode...
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    Sorry posted wrong
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    CLOSED Mountain Rifle, 50 caliber - new - Traditions

    Traditions 50 caliber Mountain Rifle, same as new and unfired by me. 32" factory browned barrel, 1:48, 8.25 pounds, adjustable rear sight. I put a pewter appearing nose cap on it but the original brown nose cap is included. I bought it new and then my company sent me traveling and I never got...
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    SOLD SALE PENDING $395.00 50 Caliber Mountain Rifle - Traditions

    PRICE REDUCED. Traditions 50 caliber Mountain Rifle, same as new and unfired. 32" factory browned barrel, 1:48, 8.25 pounds, adjustable rear sight. I put a pewter appearing nose cap on it but the original brown nose cap is included. I bought it new and then my company sent me traveling and I...
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    SOLD TC Hawkin 50 caliber - exceptional wood

    SOLD. THANKS FOR LOOKING. TC Hawkin 50 caliber with exceptional wood. 1:48. 28" barrel. Ser Number 273520. Very well maintained. It comes with a story. I bought new in 1980ish in Colorado and took 2 very nice elk with the gun in 2 years. I ordered a Green Mountain barrel with 1:66. It...
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    CLOSED Traditions Mountain Rifle 50 Cal

    New 50 caliber Mountain Rifle, never shot. 32" factory browned barrel, 1:48, 8.25 pounds, hexagon thimbles, adjustable rear sight. I added a pewter type nose cap (original browned cap is included), and manual. Bright and shiny bore. I bought about 4 years ago and then my company sent me...
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    OK, now what.....

    I've been a muzzleloader for a lot of years but just getting into smoothbores. Haven't even fired one yet !! I bought a T/C hawkin with GREAT wood that had been rebored to 20 gauge smoothbore, but with a full choke. (I know, I know, but I was sucked in by the figure in the wood). I measured...
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    Rebore 32 caliber to 36 caliber ?

    I bought a used Traditions Crockett 32 caliber squirrel rifle recenty and when it arrived the bore is "Capitol R - Rust". Seller won't take it back, so I'm stuck. Yes it was misrepresented, but no sense crying over it. It is what it is. Wondering it it could be bored to 36 caliber in your...
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    Hogs in Alabama

    Looking to hunt hogs in Alabama on private or public lands. Experienced hunter. I want to take a hog with my 50 caliber GPR. Willing to pay a reasonable trespass fee. Any idea who I could contact? Thanks.
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    Quit getting my email daily notices

    I realized I'm not getting an email notice every day of muzzleloading forum content or new adds. What do I need to do ??
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    Traditions Mountain Rifle in 50 caliber percussion

    Anyone have any experience with the accuracy of a Traditions percussion 50 caliber Mountain Rifle ? Any suggestions on loads ? Any tips ? Thanks.
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    SOLD Lyman Flintlock Trade Rifle

    Black powder is getting too hard to get in these parts so I'm selling my Lyman 50 Caliber Flintlock Trade Rifle, and offering a great deal. Stock is same as brand new, no scratches or dents. Barrel has been nicely browned, has new stainless steel RMC touch hole liner. Barrel is bright and...
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    Cabellas percussion rifle

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but i can't find it. Who made the Cabellas percussion rifle ? Looks like a Lyman Trade Rifle but has 2 triggers. Is in 50 caliber. I have a rifle in mind at a great price but wanted to know the real maker. Anyone know please ? Thank you.
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    SOLD T/C Hawken 45 Percussion

    I bought this Hawken from a fellow member of this forum and it is in very good condition with a like-new bore. This was a kit he bought and had a builder in Las Vegas put together for him. If you saw his ad on this forum he was selling the Hawken with a period scope. He agreed to separate the...
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    OK, I just did it, bought my first flinter

    I've shot cap for many years but always wanted to shoot and hunt with a flintlock, and just bought a new to me (in all ways) 50 caliber Lyman Trade Rifle in like-new shape. I read everything I could here and decided the LTR was the best choice for me. I paid close to "market", so I didn't get...
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    Lyman interchange with Investarms ?

    Does anyone here know if the flint lock, and barrel from a Lyman Trade Rifle fit in an Investarms hawken stock ? Assuming so, would the Investarms double set trigger assembly function as a double set trigger with the Trade Rifle lock ? Would the Investarms trigger guard still work ? I'm...