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    CLOSED TC thompson center patch box

    Im looking for a yellow brass patch box from a TC Hawken. Possibly others might work.
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    What does anybody know about Mansfield rifles, or barrels? They seem to be a TC with a different name on them. Do you know any company history, years of production, values etc?
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    CLOSED Investarms 50 Hawken

    Cabelas by Investarms. 50 cal. Excellent unfired condition. Same as a Lymans Deerstalker. If you need other pictures I can do that. $350 plus shipping.
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    CLOSED Camp Axe

    An antique head that I cleaned up and re-hafted. I did some reshaping to the poll to get rid of a chip. Total weight 2 lb 6 oz. Total length approx 24” with a 4” bit. Solid, sharp, and useful. $75 plus shipping
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    CLOSED Tubbs 10x36 Snowshoes

    Nice set of Vintage Tubbs 10x36 snowshoes with leather bindings. Made in Vermont. I doubt these were ever used. $70 plus shipping
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    FOR SALE Pietta 58 Cylinder

    Never been turned or used. Was removed from 2020 1858. $65 shipped.
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    CLOSED Leather Shot Bag

    Vintage Belding & Mull Shot Bag with adjustable measure. 1-1/2 or 1-1/4 oz. From the 70’s. $65 OBO includes shipping
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    FOR SALE Springfield Armory 1795-1968

    This book is excellent condition. No markings or damages. $30 shipped
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    SOLD Richland Arms 44

    Richland Arms .44 Pennsylvania Pistol. Bore looks pretty good. $165 plus shipping. PM questions etc.
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    CLOSED Qty 14 Kings 8 Coat Buttons 7/8

    14 buttons. Kings 8th regiment Pewter buttons measure .912 on my cheap mic. All tied on a waxed cord so hard to get a great picture. These are from the early 70’s around 50 yrs old. Great for re-enactment garments. $30 OBO shipped
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    CLOSED TC Hawken parts

    Thompson Center Hawken or Renegade parts. Percussion lock that was never used, it had a L&R put in. The trigger was used but not very much before having a Davis put in. The trigger guard has an extra hole in it. That might be patched, or use as is, it doesnt affect anything. Lock: $90 Trigger...
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    WANTED Uberti Cylinder Stop 51-60-61

    Wanted a cylinder stop for a Uberti 1851, 1860, or 1861
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    WANTED Thompson Center Sear

    Wanted a sear for a TC hawken percussion lock
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    FOR SALE Konfeksjons Eksport Wool Pants 32x30

    Vintage Konfeksjons Eksport wool military olive green pants. Approx size 32 waist by 30 inseam. Heavy duty style. I got these from a mil-surp back in the late 80’s and wore them for some late season hunting until I got into too many potatos. They were drycleaned before being stored for all...
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    SOLD Chapman 7331 Set

    New old stock Chapman screwdriver set no.7331 Check pictures for what this consists of. $35 to your door in USA Send a message if you want this.
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    .58 smoothbore

    Would a .58 smoothbore flintlock with a 39” barrel length be effective for turkey or what would be its best use? I dont think its choked at all. Has no rear sight, but sure looks good. I think Id call it a fowler, but the lack of choke makes me wonder about that too. What would you say?
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    CLOSED Boiled linseed oil

    Heres a gallon of boiled linseed oil. There might be a little bit out of it but not much. You pay shipping charges and its yours. It probably can only go by ground transportation. Id need your zipcode to know the rate.
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    CLOSED Buckhorn Sight

    I’m looking for a dovetail mounted buckhorn sight. Something older is preferable. PM with details please.