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    Bill Large Barreled Rifle. Need information

    Hello, not sure what we have here. Hoping someone can shed some light. Barrel is stamped W M Large. Bore is bright and shiny, looks very fast twist. Not sure on the caliber, going to slug it later. No other markings, except for 3 little marks on the bottom of the barrel. Stock is very thick...
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    SOLD .50 Pedersoli Kentucky Percussion:

    Hello, for sale is my .50 Pedersoli Kentucky Percussion: $650 + shipping. I have not fired this gun; but, the bore is very nice.. Pics don't do it justice. Only the very slightest of handling marks. Nice patina to the brass.
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    SOLD .50 Hawken Green Mountain Barrel

    Hello, for sale is my .50 Hawken with a Green Mountain Match Barrel: $599 firm + shipping. The ramrod that came with the gun is included, but is a bit short. Maybe with a JAG it would be the right length. I am including the bench rod in the pictures. Bore is very nice with well defined lands...
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    CVA St. Louis Hawken Parts

    Hello, Hello, Where is the best place to get CVA St. Louis Hawken Parts? I am in need of a lock, ramrod and buttplate. Thank you!
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    TC Renegade Question

    Hello, I just bought this. Everything works; but, the trigger sits way forward when cocked like in the picture. What can cause this and can it be fixed easily? Thanks!
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    WANTED Wanted: Eugene Heer's book, Der Neue Stockel

    Hello, Is there anyone on here that has a copy of Eugene Heer's book, Der Neue Stockel? Volume 2 is what I am looking for, in particular
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    WANTED Eugene Heer; Der Neue Stockel Book

    Hello, Is there anyone on here that has a copy of Eugene Heer's book, Der Neue Stockel? Volume 2 is what I am looking for, in particular.
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    WANTED Rendevouz/Mountain Man Clothing Needed

    Hello, I am looking for some period correct rendezvous, or mountain man clothing for the period of 1820-1850. I wear a large, or size 40 Coat and 32" X30" pants. Looking for a full outfit. Also moccasins, size 12. If you have any of this, please PM me. Thanks!
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    Some old percussions

    I bought these at an auction a while back. Made around 1840-1850 in Augsburg, Germany by Johannes Mond. The ramrod is horn tipped and the trigger guard appears to be ebony wood. Maker's name and city are engraved in gold on top of barrel. Two pistols by same maker, rifled barrels, same...
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    MInie Ball Mold Needed

    Looking for a good minie ball mold that will size down to .577, so .578 or large if you have them for sale. I cannot find on line anywhere. Thanks!
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    FOR SALE Minie Ball Mold Wanted

    Hello, I am in need of a .58 Minie Ball mold. RCBS and Hogdon used to have some, but one cannot find them any more. I need to size by Minie's to .577 so a .578 mold would work if it casts true. Do any of you have one for sale? If so PM me please? Thanks!
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    WANTED RCBS Bullet Mold .584 and .580 HODGDON

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    Hello, I am looking for a HOGDON .580 RCBS MOLD. If anyone has one for sale PM me please? Thanks!
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    # 10 Percussion caps for BP Pistol?

    Hello, How many of you actually use # 10 Percussion caps for BP Pistol? I cannot find any and I am new to the pistols side of things. Can I just crimp the # 11's so they do not fall off? Has anyone had any luck with this? Also, does anyone know where I can find some # 11"s? Thanks!
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    FOR SALE Enfield musket nipple protector for Euroarms

    Hello, I am looking for a musket nipple protector to fit a Euroarms 2 band Enfield musket. I am not sure if all of those protectors are the same and want ot get the right one the first time. Does anyone know if they are the same? Or, which one will fit my musket? TIA
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    FOR SALE Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle ramrod

    Hello, I have a Pedersoli Kentucky model with a broken ramrod. I bought it that way, just did not know it. lol Does anyone know the right size? It is 35 1/2" long and looks to be 3/8"?
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    Hello all. What is the best quick loader tube type for a musket?

    Hello all. What is the best quick loader tube type for a musket? I only wish to use them when hunting and not for use at the range. Are there any that will accommodate a musket cap? Or do you always have to carry the caps separately? I will be shooting an Enfield 1853 with a .577 Minie Ball
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    Information needed .36 Percussion Pistol Maker unknown

    Hello, can anyone tell me who made this? I know it is a reproduction, probably Italian... A copy of a Colt Navy 1851 I think. Maybe Uberti? How can I tell without taking it apart? It has no makers marks.
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    Colt 1851 vs. Pietta

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if the Original Colt 1851's are the same size as the Pietta, or other replica's? Thinking of maybe buying one, but don't see much on the size and weight, etc.
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    Converting Pedersoli Frontier Percussion .50 to Flint

    Hello, Have any of you had any experience converting a Pedersoli Frontier Percussion .50 to Flint? If so what steps are ne3eded? Best way top proceed?