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    the battle of new Orleans buried?

    Gen. Pakenham was the brother-in-law of Arthur Wellesley who became the Duke of Wellington. Pakenham was 36 years old when he died.
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    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Appreciation Post

    The only movie that I know which follows the book is "Cool Hand Luke"
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    Hunting South Africa

    Some years ago I took a shotgun along and a couple of boxes of 12 gage shells that were reloads, only they were full of GOEX 2f. I hunted up in Botswana but went through SA Customs twice with my double 58 cal. and the shotgun that I never shot. I have 2 Cape Buffs, one was the SCI record for...
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    Committee of Safety musket

    Was this the armory that Fielding Lewis, George Washingtons brother-in-law started up in Fredericksburg?
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    Bore diameter.

    And Eddie is an all around good guy!!
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    Inherited rifle

    I have seen a lot of Jack Garner rifles. I have never seen one that was not good craftmanship!!
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    To get back to rendevzous. Am I the only one here that was at La Veta in 1980 when Charlton Heston, his wife, his son and daughter-in-law came to the rendevzous and we had the World Premier of the movie the Mountain Men??
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    I just received this from Estes Rockets about the GOEX plant!!!!!!!!!

    Well worth reading this article! Thanks
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    Last of the Mohicans??

    Both of these good men sadly gone.
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    1781ish?- the whole Kit and Kaboodle

    I have one of Gary's block prints hanging in my house and it is one of my true prizes. His prints bring big money.
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    1781ish?- the whole Kit and Kaboodle

    Not to hurt your feelings but Gary Birch is the Gold Standard!
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    1781ish?- the whole Kit and Kaboodle

    Anyone who knows would be ecstatic to get a Gary Birch bag! you are very fortunate.
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    Change my log in name?

    His soon to be ex-wife wants 1/2 of his log-in name:)
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    TC Barrels from Sharon?

    Does anyone have any idea of the value? I am getting older (I am 78). I might be willing to part with it as I have no children
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    TC Barrels from Sharon?

    As a point of information I own Hall Sharon’s personal .58 cal. Hawkin. He traded/sold it to Ron Brimer who was the Director of Art at GA -public broadcasting years ago. I got it from Ron and used it for hog hunting. It has taken a few deer in its time. It has a beautiful tiger strip maple...
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    Mr Chuck Dixon a Giant

    Many years ago I served with Chuck on the NMLRA Board of Directors. He was a good man !!
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    Longest Flintlock rifle

    Yes, the Boxer [ "Righteous Fists"] did indeed still use them . Temple guns were to make noise, fire and smoke to scare evil spirts away. This concept was imported to the USA by Germanic settlers and is still practiced at New Years in places like Cherryville NC
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    Longest Flintlock rifle

    In the 19th Century the Regular Chinese Army had units armed with guns like this. There was a two man crew with one man supporting the barrel and the other man who fired the gun. The gun was called a jingall. The first ones were matchlock but by the 1860's they moved to flintlock. {sorry to be...
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    Would this rifle be ok for a awi impression?

    The bottom line is that is sorta OK but you can do better. I would try to find a more representative gun if you have the money. I have certainly seen far worst at events.
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    J&S Hawken rifle

    My first new car was a '65 GTO, navy blue with a special order black leather interior. wish I still had it also and my Parker G grade 12 gauge.