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  1. Grenadier1758

    New Shooter Question on Cleaning

    Easily the best and most common of the solutions for cleaning black powder fouling and synthetic black powder fouling is water and a small amount of grease dissolving soap. I also recommend a brass or stainless-steel range rod with a muzzle protector to work the cleaning patch on the...
  2. Grenadier1758

    Right Now

    That is indeed a firing line.
  3. Grenadier1758

    Gauge / Caliber

    @GDM, look at my earlier post. I edited the post to include my gauge to caliber calculations.
  4. Grenadier1758

    Gauge / Caliber

    @GDM, I will suggest that you go to the General Discussion Forum and bring up the Caliber to Gauge topic. Unfortunately, the table in the topic is not friendly to the viewing screen. If you are persistent, you can find the conversion you seek. Guage/Caliber - Balls per Pound | The...
  5. Grenadier1758

    .45 Caliber Browning Mountain Rifle.

    Sam Fadala was always fond of the high power, more of the magnum loads, when accurate loads would be just as good for hunting. When shooting as many rounds as needed for that book, it's not surprising that he only tried one round ball and one thickness of patching. Still that book does provide...
  6. Grenadier1758

    Greetings from Southern Illinois

    Welcome to the Forum from a bit north of you and across the river.
  7. Grenadier1758

    Can you help me understand? The bore of my rifle seems to be tighter near the muzzle.

    @nhmoose is correctly describing your rifles barrel. It is a very desirable and likely very accurate on target.
  8. Grenadier1758

    Suddenly started getting pan flash ?

    Sounds as if you were able to successfully apply our recommendations.
  9. Grenadier1758

    Strange issue cleaning .50 cal

    Another case study demonstrating the need for digital Vernier caliper. Even the inexpensive $20 caliper from Harbor Freight are accurate enough for our needs. I suspect that the bore on your rifle is undersized and the filing of the jag will solve your cleaning issues. Once the bore is...
  10. Grenadier1758

    Suddenly started getting pan flash ?

    @kyron4, I was going to say the same things that @rafterob said. Your cleaning procedure has built up enough fouling or jelled oil or grease in your chambered breech that the flame from the pan is not reaching the main charge. That has to be cleaned out before going to the range. Rubbing...
  11. Grenadier1758

    Another hello from west central IL.

    @trader47, it is fun. Not always historically or period correct, but still a lot of fun.
  12. Grenadier1758

    Another Brown Bess comment/question

    I agree with @dave_person. The simple lock is less likely to have the seer damage to the tumbler with a pull weight between 3 to 3 1/2 pounds. The firing procedure was to pull the trigger with authority.
  13. Grenadier1758

    Iron cross stamped in T/C barrel

    As @bubba.50 says, the mark (Spade, Maltese Cross or whatever) means that someone at T/C inspected the barrel.
  14. Grenadier1758

    Jugged choke and round balls

    @rusticbob, since FFFg Schuetzen powder is a bit more energetic than FFg powder, I would decrease my load to 70 to 75 grains (volume of course) of the FFg powder. That should be enough powder for most applications.
  15. Grenadier1758

    Hello From Illinois

    Welcome from St. Louis and the other side of the river. Sure, do have a suggestion to come to the June (4th and 5th) Rendezvous at Fort de Chartres just outside of Prairie du Rocher. I can't guarantee that you will get the opportunity to shoot one, but this will be one of the best...
  16. Grenadier1758

    Another hello from west central IL.

    @trader47, welcome from across and down the river. You are here just in time to drive about 100 miles south to attend the June Rendezvous at Fort de Chartres on June 4th and 5th. It's a big event here in the Illinois country. Time to see what you have been missing from the rendezvous scene...
  17. Grenadier1758

    Anybody done this? Probably

    @colimr, the torn or shredded patches are telling us a lot about the total quality of the relationship of the patch and ball to the barrel as the round is fired. The patch serves a vital part in matching the ball to the lands and filling the grooves to minimize gas leakage. The patch holds...
  18. Grenadier1758

    Appropriate use for an L&R Flintlock Manton "Bailles" lock?

    This is my more or less representation of a Southern Mountain Rifle (about 32" barrel) using the L&R Manton lock. The lock is a fine lock and performs very well. Yes, you will find that polishing the parts that rub together and smoothing of the parts that rotate against the lock plate will...
  19. Grenadier1758

    CVA .32 Squirrel with rusty bore / rifling

    I am sure you know that the T/C "Hawken" has a chambered breech that is smaller than the bore diameter. If your super Jag for the T/C is if two diameters and the chambered breech hasn't been brushed out previously, I'm surprised that you didn't get it stuck to the point that we would get...
  20. Grenadier1758

    Brant Selb 54 Cal Hawken

    Speculation tells me that the nipples will be 1/4-28. T/C's are 1/4-28. Speculation doesn't always have the correct answer. Wait until you have the rifle in your hands before you go out and buy some thing.