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    WANTED Orginal civil war muskets

    Looking for a P53 or 1842. I have an unmentionable Mk2 Martini Henry with reloading supplies to trade off.
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    WANTED 1859 sharps

    Seeking 1859 infantry or sporting sharps with o ring upgrade. Have a breechloader rolling block by Pedersoli to trade....
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    WANTED Smoothbore percussion musket

    Wanted, in 60 caliber or larger. Civilian or military.
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    FOR SALE .50 MAXI ball mold

    $65 + shipping
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    SOLD 1970s TC Hawken

    A very nice and very clean Hawken by TC circa 1970s. The rifle has been cared for meticulously and comes with everything you need to get started as soon as you open the box. Bore is clean with some discoloration but no rust or pitting. Asking $400 + shipping. With this rifle you will receive...
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    1970s hawken value

    Goodmorning, What can a guy expect to pay for a nice 1970s vintage hawken? It's in fine shape.
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    WANTED Percussion Smooth bore 1859 sharps rifle.

    Looking for a nice percussion smoothbore or 1859 sharps with "o ring" mod. 1842 springfield and military style preferred but civilian would work as well. I have an unmentionable 1884 trapdoor to trade.
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    SOLD Lyman Ideal .577

    Lyman ideal .577 that casts a thicker skirt. Good condition $60 plus shipping
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    SOLD .58 Paper cartridge rolling mandrels

    3D printed, hard plastic mandrels that will roll a perfect paper cartridge for .58 Minies every time. Hollow to allow the nose of the bullet to stay snugly in place while you roll. Will also roll .568 pritchetts $15 each + shipping
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    SOLD Pedersoli 1861 Springfield

    Brand new, fired 25 times and put away clean. I have not altered the rifle in any way. Bought in April of 2020 from Dixie. $1000 or trade for a nice smoothbore percussion rifle; military or civilian.
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    SOLD Beaver Pelt $30

    Large beaver pelt that would be great for any possibles bag or other projects. This was salvaged from a beaver I sadly hit with my car. The head was unable to be salvaged. Regardless, a nice thick winter beaver pelt that would add protection to anything you want to stay dry. The beaver weighed...
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    TRADE Pedersoli 1861

    Looking to trade this fine rifle for another example of a military muzzloader. Looking for P53 Enfields, LORENZ rifles, 1842 muskets or rifled varieties or anything else! Mabey Black powder unmentionables? This rifle was bought in April. I still have everything that came with the rifle from Dixie.
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    Pedersoli Civil war Muzzloaders

    Would love to hear from anyone who has experience with the 1861 from pedersoli. I've always been partial to Enfield rifles due to the stock shape and overall look of them, but finally bought an 1861 to see what the other side looked and felt like. Inital impression is the weight. Its HEAVY! I...
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    WANTED .577 sizer

    Looking for a sizing die thats .577. Can be homemade or commercial. Just needs to work! Thanks!
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    Brazilian Hardwood Knife Handles and other accouterments.

    Any interest out there in Brazilian Ipe? I have a large cashe of it at my house in Brazil that can be cut down into knife handle blanks,, short starters and any other array of wooden shooting accoutrements. Sports a deep purple color. There's some Maçaranduba here as well as some rosewood.
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    Brazilian Hardwood Rifle Stock?

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm in the process of relocating to beautiful Natal brazil and just down the street from me is a lumber yard with some of the most BEAUTIFUL wood I've ever seen. They have Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), Ipe (Brazilian Walnut), Cumaru, and Brazilian Koa. These are all hard...
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    TRADE Pedersoli 1861

    Good afternoon, For trade is a brand new 1861 by Pedersoli. I still have the DVD and box for it. I've fired exactly 25 rounds from it and have decided it's not suited for my needs. I'm looking for a very specific rifle to trade that I hope exisists!!! I looking for a nice .40 caliber...
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    TRADE Parker Hale P53 Enfield

    Good afternoon gents, Here up for trade is a 1853 Enfield by Parker Hale. It has been glass bedded and had a trigger job. It shoots very well i might say. It prefers the good ol' 575213 PH bullet sized anywhere from 574 to 577 on a charge of 55g 3f swiss. I'm currently looking for a Lorenz...
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    Hi everyone, I have a civil war rifle I'm trying to trade away and would like to offer it up on the NSSA forum, but it doesn't seem like I can join it. Anyone here know someone or way I could advertise to the NSSA crowd?