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  1. Stumpkiller

    New Member from NY

    Welcome from northern Broome County NY.
  2. Stumpkiller

    Greetings from rural NY

    Welcome from also rural NY in Broome County.
  3. Stumpkiller

    Old member rejoining the forum

    Howdy again.
  4. Stumpkiller

    T/C New Englander

    I have a T/C New Englander in .50 with the 1:48" twist and a 12 gauge barrel that was straight cylinder bore. Had it jug choked. Great little carbine. I used mine during regular big-game season for many years in a shotgun-slug only region where m/l rifles were also allowed. Took quite a few...
  5. Stumpkiller


    Copper or aluminum tubing of just under bore diamater pushed down the bore and over the brush and then the whole thing pulled out. (Member Ramrod's idea). I buggerred a Renegade breech pulling it to get a stuck brush out in the early 1980's and haven't used a bore brush in a muzzleloader...
  6. Stumpkiller

    Loading Blocks -- Keeping it greased

    I use boiled linseed oil to saturate the holes in a block. I did an experinemt and left a block (and hook-breech barrel) loaded for almost a full year. Fired and reloaded from the block. Not the best group. But the "grease lube" (Moose Snot) worked and hadn't hurt the cotton patching...
  7. Stumpkiller

    .025 pillow ticking?

    I was taught to use my Starrett 230 with the ratchet click clutch gently - as the jaws deform and give false readings if you honk down on the tension.
  8. Stumpkiller

    .025 pillow ticking?

    What do they read if you repeat that with nothing in the jaws?
  9. Stumpkiller

    .025 pillow ticking?

    That is mattress ticking (no lie). The rule of thumb I like for traditional muzzleloaders is that if you can seat it on the powder it will come out again when fired with no problem. You are swaging the ball, so soft lead is a preference. Accuracy is what your rifle choses, not a statistical...
  10. Stumpkiller

    Deer tine powder measure

    This Thanksgiving save a turkey leg bone. They make great powder measures and are already light and hollow. I usually saw-off the ends and add a wood plug rather than leave the "knuckle"
  11. Stumpkiller

    Best way to use spit patch?

    How about we talk about using spit for patches? I try to moderate in moderation . . . but this original thread wasn't about inalienable rights or individual freedoms. Use what you like, but the question was about spit patching.
  12. Stumpkiller


    Welcome from New York State. Hopefully there is still something in the water in SE PA that will get your longrifle craftmanship talents to follow the Masters.
  13. Stumpkiller

    New to the forum !

    Welcome from New York State.
  14. Stumpkiller

    New member from FL

    Welcome from New York State.
  15. Stumpkiller

    New to the forum, but not to BP

    Welcome from New York State.
  16. Stumpkiller

    Not a new member, I'm back

    Welcome . . . back . . . from New York State.
  17. Stumpkiller

    Another Young'n

    Welcome from New York State.
  18. Stumpkiller

    New in the midwest

    Welcome from New York State.
  19. Stumpkiller

    New from Northern California

    Welcome from New York State.
  20. Stumpkiller

    New member and Lover of the Old West

    Welcome from New York State. Your work is terriffic! Glad you are taking the time to learn a bit about the history of the period. I appreciate artistic license, but I appreciate those who "get it right" all the more.