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    WITHDRAWN Cal. 44 Navy Model... price DROP! $175 Shipped

    I'll buy it. How would you like to be paid?
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    A .50 Cal Ball In A .54?

    For shooting .50 cal. in a .54 cal., cut patch size pieces from one gallon milk containers. Using that combination is a home-made sabot.
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    dry balled

    With percussion ignition, I clear the barrel by putting an "O" ring or two over the nipple and removing the "fine" nozzle from my air gun. Once you have the right match of those two, barrels are easily cleared.
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    WANTED What have youns got?

    I have, from the 1960's, an Allen & Thurber center lock, side hammer plains rifle by Mowery of Texas. It is a .45 caliber, 1 in 30 twist, 32 inch octagonal barrel that measure 1 inch across the flats. It is unfired. There are some small marks and light scratches from years of ownership and...
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    .45 caliber RB enough for deer?

    I'm sure you sight your target before firing. I can't because I use an old Civil War era light mortar and have to rely on the rule of 'closeys count".
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    SOLD Small leather holster/ SOLD PENDING

    It is a bit late but, if there are numbers imprinted on the back of the holster, Google those numbers along with the word "holster" and you may learn what make and model revolver your holster was originally made for.
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    Black powder

    Not considering the value of my time, the cost per pound is approximately $18.
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    Black powder

    Instructions are available on a U-tube listing. Muzzleloading blocks the link. watch? and add to that v=pm-7WzUrmzo and you should get there.
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    what to use instead of lead balls

    What I have used at a range for many years are soft-patched glass marbles. With a bit of research, you can locate marbles of the right diameter so that only the patch rides in the rifling. Marbles don't deform to conform to the rifling.
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    I don't understand used gun pricing

    When it comes to individuals selling items, imagination and truth are often in conflict. The best rule to follow with private sales and purchases is "An item is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it".
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    tru oil

    Years back I solved a like problem. I used enough acetone to cover the skin in the Tru Oil container and about a week of patience.
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    Rocks are more reliable than caps

    Flinters are great firearms, weather permitting.
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    SOLD Stainless Pietta 1858 .44 New Army Revolver plus accessories

    Ask your FFL if they will ship it directly to me in Massachusetts. It will get your name off the ownership record, and I will acquire the revolver.
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    Federal Law Re: Homemade Black Powder?

    There is a video on which goes through the steps to make your own black powder using modern materials.
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    CLOSED WTB Mowrey rifle

    I have a pre-bicentennial (1960's) Allen & Thurber Plains rifle, .45 caliber, 1 in 28 (+-) twist, 32- inch barrel, brass frame. and unfired. I won it at a straw shooting contest around 50 years ago and have never used it. $550 shipped.
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    Is muzzle velocity affected by cap types? (Musket vs #11)

    Place a small amount of smokeless powder on an anvil or other hard surface and then hit is with a hammer. When hit, it will detonate which means that it is explosive. Do the same with black powder and when hit with a hammer, nothing happens. It is not an explosive. The high protection...
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    Is muzzle velocity affected by cap types? (Musket vs #11)

    BATF regulation: Smokeless powder designed for use other than in small arms ammunition, and explosive products such as squibs, fireworks, theatrical special effects, or other articles that may contain smokeless powders, are regulated and must be stored pursuant to the regulations at 27 CFR...
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    Is muzzle velocity affected by cap types? (Musket vs #11)

    With the many variable involved, the only way to know the effect of both caps is to fire each cap on an empty barrel with a pressure gauge at the muzzle. There would have to be a significant difference in the pressure at the muzzle for a musket cap to have a positive effect on a load.
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    Is muzzle velocity affected by cap types? (Musket vs #11)

    Actually, smokeless powder is an explosive. Black powder burns which is why black powder is available in different grain powder sizes.
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    Is muzzle velocity affected by cap types? (Musket vs #11)

    The initial back pressure through the nipple, which occurs before the complete powder charge has been ignited, would negate any potential force added from a more powerful cap. The only positive value is more reliant ignition.