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    SOLD Girl's Clothing/Dress 1750's-1800's

    I am looking for, new or used,clothing for our granddaughter. Period 1750-1800. This will only be worn occasionally. Not sure about size but I think size 8 to 10 would work. The larger size would allow room to grow etc. If you have something let me know, with what items of clothing you have...
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    Flintlock pistol

    I am thinking about buying a flintlock pistol and not sure which caliber, 45, 50 or 54, to go with. Are there any opinions or experience related thoughts about which caliber might have an advantage over another? I am thinking about cost of operation (powder used per load, lead needed per round...
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    CVA price?

    I found a 45 cal. CVA flintlock pistol and wonder what would be a good price range for it. The barrel is without a finish/white, there is a small amount of rust on the outside(I think a good cleaning would take care of it). The front sight is brass and I think it had a rear sight probably steel...