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    SOLD FS Thompson Center Hawken 45 cal

    Up for sale is a very nice 45 cal T/C Hawken. The price is $400 shipping included in the lower 48. USPS money order accepted for payment. First to post I’ll take it followed by a PM wins the sale.
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    SOLD FS 54 cal Hornady RB’s with 54 cal accessories

    I have for sale one unopened box of Hornady .530 RB’s and one opened containing 80 RB’s. The following 54 cal accessories are also included. Ball puller Scraper Cleaning jag Brush Bore mop 4 ball speed loader made by the man, the myth, the legend Two Feathers All items for sale for $60...
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    SOLD FS T/C Renegade 54 cal

    Up for sale is a very nice T/C Renegade 54 cal. The price is $350 + shipping within the lower 48. First to post I’ll take it wins the sale followed by a PM to arrange the details of payment. Thanks for looking.
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    SOLD FS 1973 Mavi Hawken 45cal BP rifle

    Up for sale is a 1973 Mavi Hawken 45cal BP rifle. It is in good shape outside of the marks on the barrel from when someone took the breech plug out. There are no markings on the barrel showing the caliber. Price is $175 shipped within the lower 50. First I’ll take it followed by a PM to work...
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    T/C Hawken 50 cal with a cracked stock

    I was able to stop at one of my honey holes on the way home from work yesterday and came across a T/C Hawken 50. The rifle was in good shape except for a hairline crack on the hammer side at the back of the lock running 3" towards the butt of the stock. They had it priced at $225 and was...
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    SOLD 50cal CVA Frontier

    Up for sale is a percussion CVA Frontier 50cal. The price is $250 shipped to your door within CONUS, with payment by USPS money order. PM if interested.
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    Quality craftsmanship by Two Feathers

    I just received another ball starter and ball block from Two Feathers and once again quality work. On top of the quality shipping was extremely quick. Nothing but good things to say all around.
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    Shout out to Two Feathers

    I just received my ball bag, palm saver ball starter and ball blocks from Two Feathers today and everything was top notch. He even threw in a little something extra. Thanks again. Frank
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    WITHDRAWN 1973 Investarms/Mavi Hawken 45 cal

    Looking to trade a Mavi Hawken for a Pietta/Uberti open top BP revolver in 44 cal. I bought this about a year ago thinking it was a 50cal but it was a 45 instead. So I cleaned it and put it away and have never shot this rifle. There are no markings stating the caliber on the barrel. One end...
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    Patch size?

    I‘ll start this by saying I know cutting at the muzzle would alleviate this, but I don’t as of now. I may in the near future, but I don’t right now. I am fairly new to traditional muzzleloading and have a question about what everyone else does that buys or makes their own patches. I received...
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    Hello from Missouri

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I am an avid lever action fanatic and have recently turned my sights towards muzzleloaders. I am hoping to learn more. I started with an inline and have recently purchased several percussion muzzleloaders and thinking about purchasing a flintlock eventually...