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    Petroleum Products and BP don't mix?

    When I was a young grade schooler the gun safety pamphlets said alcohol and gun powder did mix. Took me a lot of years to figure out what that meant. I’ve used oil to protect muzzleloader barrels for years. Haven’t tried it for patch lube and probably won’t as spit and other stuff work fine.
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    Need replacement barrel- do I have to go custom?

    Hawkeye gave you the correct answer. Bobby has a great reputation here.
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    How to clean gun properly after shooting prodex or 777 powder

    Water with a drop or two of dish soap is your friend when it comes to cleaning a black powder firearm. You need to get the fired powder residue out of or off the gun. Once it is clean and dry it then needs something to protect the metal. I use 3in 1 oil or Barricade or maybe both.
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    Using Older CVA #11 Caps in Blue Container

    As others mentioned they are likely corrosive but I used them for several years in the late 70s with no I’ll effect. Just thoroughly clean the barrel, nipple channel and nipple in a timely manner after use. I still have the revolver and TC Hawken that used them and they are still in good but...
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    Help with identity, percussion gun belived to be a converted flintlock

    Absolutely not an expert but the lock does appear to have been altered as Eric noted. It may have replaced an original flintlock. I too think $1200 might be a little steep.
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    Using Older CVA #11 Caps in Blue Container

    Refill with homemade caps since production ones are scarce.
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    spring flintlock pistol hunting

    I made mine with a 5-6”piece of 4x4. I drilled a 3/4” hole up through the bottom center to about an inch from the top. I then drilled a 1/2” hole on each side angled up to center hole. Take a old jar with lid and cut o hole in the lid to match the bottom hole in the 4x4 and nail or screw the lid...
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    WANTED #11 Magnum Percussion Caps

    Percussion caps are such a small part of the big picture when most places can’t get regular primers. If I’m a manufacturer with problems getting supplies and labor the last thing I would do is start up another line to make percussion caps when I can’t meet the other demands.
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    Using Older CVA #11 Caps in Blue Container

    I have CVA caps like those that I bought before 1983 but I don’t remember exactly. They still work. Occasionally one is a dud but you should be fine. I’ll bet many here will take them off your hands it you didn’t want them.
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    Beretta Over Under Commemorative Shotguns

    Saw a guy at the last rondy I attended win the shotgun shoot with one.
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    Renegade barrel .62 smoothbore?

    Darn, you guys are tempting me. I picked up a .50 Renegade for a too cheap price. I don’t need another.50 but the bore is pretty good except some light rust in about the first inch at the muzzle. BTW it doesn’t have sights so maybe just a bead up front if smooth bored?
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    WANTED Percussion Rifle

    Rusticbob, not really. There are probably a number options available in the price range quoted.
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    Choice of smoothbore flintlocks

    I too lean toward the 16 gauge. One other point is if you can shoulder each, which one I has the best fit and sight picture? Also, is this a plinker/target gun and what will you hunt with it? All factor into the decision. If they are well made you probably can’t go wrong with either one.
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I didn’t do any muzzleloading stuff today except checking in here a couple of times. I did earn big points though doing landscaping stuff for my wife. That will pay off doing muzzleloading stuff in the future.
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    Philly Derringers?

    So Smokey, have you decided you need to add one to the collection? I’d get one if I found it for a really cheap price but then I’m a sucker for any muzzleloader for a really cheap price as attested to by the 50 TC Renegade that came home with me last week. Price was just too low to pass up.
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    Where do I put it?

    Times three with Hawkeye2 except I used a coffee can. I realize coffee cans have started to go the way of the dodo bird and much coffee comes in plastic these days or in my case now most often as beans in a bag.
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    Philly Derringers?

    I’ve shot one a few times. Years ago a club I belonged to had “under the table shoots.” The contestant sat at a table held a derringer under the table where they couldn’t see it and shot at a target about 5 or 6 yards away. Hitting it accurately was harder than one would imagine.
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I picked up a .50 cal. TC Renegade in a thrift shop for a super bargain price a few days ago. It is missing, sights, nipple and ramrod. I can make a ramrod and have a nipple. I even have a set of TC NOS sights in my stash of stuff. It has a bit of rust but should clean up nicely. The kicker is...
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    An American Percussion 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun That Has Been In My Family for Generations

    A great family heirloom to have with the snake and horn.
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    Pietta vs Uberti frame size question

    Also, parts are not interchangeable between the two’s 1858 Remington reproductions. Very slight difference in dimensions.