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    CLOSED John Browning MTN Rifle Lock

    I am looking for a John Browning Mountain Rifle percussion lock (did they even make flint locks?) or a replacement lock that can be fitted to a JBMR stock without too much work. If you have one, or know of a good substitute, please contact me via PM.
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    SOLD Mid 1840's Gibbins 32 caliber full stock rifle

    I have a vintage Joseph Gibbins .32 caliber rifle for sale. Nice maple stock with no cracks. Lock is engraved with Joseph Gibbins name as well as the barrel. 36" barrel, 1" ATF, twist unknown. Bore is in very good shape considering its age. Single phase double set trigger. Existing peep...
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    FOR SALE REDUCED Vintage 1840-1850 Ohio Style Percussion Rifle

    Re-listed due to previous buyer decided not to purchase. 35 caliber Penebaker Rifle with 39" browned barrel, 7/8" ATF. Partridge Warranted lock and single phase double set triggers. Replacement Derlin ram rod and home made brass peep sight on the tang. Barrel is frosty and slightly pitted...
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    CLOSED .50 Pedersoli Deluxe Tryon

    .50 caliber Pedersoli Deluxe percussion Tryon. 32" barrel, 1" ATF with plum brown finish. Very nice walnut stock with nice figure. Pedersoli mid-range tang sight and Lyman globe front sight. Very good to excellent condition with only some minor safe wear. $1200.00 plus shipping to the lower...
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    CLOSED .36 caliber single shot pistol

    In search of a .36 caliber single shot percussion pistol with rifled barrel under 9" long. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee (under $350) for a good used gun. Respond via PM with pictures and asking price.
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    Mold Question

    Which do you think casts the better ball, a Callahan type bag mold or the production molds by Lyman, Lee and others?
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    WANTED 36 caliber Kentucky pistol

    In search of a .36 caliber (rifled) Kentucky style percussion pistol with a 6-10" barrel. PM me with pictures and description of what you have. Willing to go as high as $350 for the right gun.
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    SOLD Forsters Patch Cutter

    Forsters Patch Cutter for Sale: Barely used. Cuts a 1.25" round patch. Just hold down the collar on the patch materia, the press and twist the wooden ball to cut a patch. $40.00 shipped to lower 48. Postal money order preferred payment.
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    WITHDRAWN Ballet or PA conical mold

    Looking to purchase a mold that casts conical bullets like the "Buffalo Ballet" or like the Hornady PA conical in either .50 or .54 caliber. Willing to go as high as $50 plus shipping. If anyone has one that they no longer need, I would be interested. PM me with your response.
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    WITHDRAWN T/C double set triggers.

    T/C double set triggers for Hawken or Renegade. $35.00 Postal Money Order Only. PM me if interested.
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    SOLD L&R RPL Percussion Lock

    L&R, RPL Percussion lock for T/C Hawken or Renegade. $115.00, Postal Money Order Only. PM me if interested
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    CLOSED T/C Renegade .50 caliber Flint barrel

    In search of a .50 caliber right hand flint barrel for a T/C Renegade. Must be in good shape inside and out and at a reasonable price.
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    .22 caliber Percussion Muzzle Loader question

    I recently acquired a .22 caliber percussion muzzle loader. I couldn't resist the novelty of it. What would be the best projectile to shoot from it, a round ball (without patch) or an air rifle pellet? I saw on line some air rifle conical type slugs that weigh 30 grains and appear to have a...
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    CLOSED Traditions .32 Crockett Pistol

    Title says it all. Looking for a Traditions .32 Crockett pistol, New or slightly used, or kit.
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    CLOSED Traditions Crockett .32 caliber BP single shot pistol

    Title says it all. I am in search of a Crockett .32 pistol. Used, new or in kit form. Must be shootable.
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    M&G Lock

    I just recently picked up a lock for a flint lock. It is marked M&G Classic. I had never heard of them before, anyone have any info on them and comments as to their quality? Seems like a good lock, it throws lots of sparks.
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    Southern VT primitive biathlon?

    Does anyone know if the event is going to be held in 2021, and if so when?
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    Beaver loading accessory

    I made this loading block/powder measure & capper for use on trail walks that my club has during the winter months. I thought you might be interested.
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    Rene/Plains rifle?

    Looking thru my available gun parts I found I have a very nice Renegade stock (real nice grain for T/C) and stock hardware. I also have a Renegade .54 flint barrel. The only flint lock I have is a Lyman Great Plains. It looks like it would be a easy fit in the Renegade lock mortise. Has...
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    SOLD .50 T/C Renegade with 30" Round ball Barrel

    Renegade with 30", 1:66" twist round ball barrel with QLA. Hand rubbed oil finished stock. Has a divot in the belly of the stock just behind the trigger guard that has been filled. (see Pic) Gun is in excellent shape both inside and out. $450.00 Plus Shipping. Postal Money Order Only.