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  1. okawbow

    Type of tap

    White lightning liners have a non standard tap. You need to buy the tap from the liner supplier.
  2. okawbow

    Vent pick in the touch hole while loading

    Just finished a couple woods walk and offhand paper shoots with my .54 flintlock rifle. Custom deep groove 48” barrel. Davis Colonial lock. Vent liner with .062 hole. Over 40 shots, NO vent pick, no cleaning between shots, NO slow fires or failures to fire. I use 70 grains 2f and 4f in the pan...
  3. okawbow

    Opening a discussion of Baroque and Rococo carving motifs, if anyone is interested.

    I believe this is an example of Rococo carving. It is my rendition of a pre revolution York County rifle by Jacob Shyroyer.
  4. okawbow

    SOLD REDUCED! Original U.S. army Remington New Model Army

    Did you mean to say all nipples are NOT stuck or seized?
  5. okawbow

    Finally got my shotgun, need deciphering.

    I use a nipple with a hole drilled in the side on one of my rifles. It helps to blow the cap loose when fired. Its a purpose made improvement, not something wrong.
  6. okawbow

    Finally got my shotgun, need deciphering.

    Probably has a nipple with a hole drilled in the side.
  7. okawbow

    Weight and Balance for Offhand Rifle

    I win my share of offhand matches. I use a self built Colonial York style 10# 4 oz. longrifle with a big Davis Colonial lock and a 48”, 54 cal. Swamped barrel. Large, flatter buttplate. 13 1/2” lop. This rifle is balanced perfectly for me and the weight and barrel length keeps it very steady...
  8. okawbow

    Turkeys are gobbling.

    I’ve heard turkeys gobble at odd times all year long. A loud noise or a predator coming near and scaring the hens will make a gobbler sound off.
  9. okawbow

    Looking to buy but don't have a clue about this long rifle. Please help! TIA!

    Looks like a great rifle. Not sure about the incised carving though. Looks wrong. Not well done and the form seems “off”. Someone could have added it later to make the gun more valuable. Can we see a close up of the lock? Is there 1 or 2 lock bolts?
  10. okawbow

    What’s this gun?

    I don’t think it has been restocked recently, probably 150 years ago, but the workmanship seems less than “original” for a known gunsmith. Maybe it was just over- refinished at some time. Very nice rifle anyway.
  11. okawbow

    What’s this gun?

    Looks like a restock of old parts.
  12. okawbow

    Tumbling round ball to smooth sprue cut

    Cast lead balls often have small voids just under the sprue. You can find the balls with voids by weighing them with an accurate scale. However, for normal shooting it matters little, as long as the sprue is placed up or down consistently. If the ball is tumbled, the void could end up on the...
  13. okawbow

    Thoughts on my 1840s rifle

    I would keep it and shoot it as long as the breech plug and drum and nipple are safe and solid. The gun has only a modest value because of the repairs and style. The Remington steel barrel should be good.
  14. okawbow

    Scratch built longrifle

    I have made a matchlock gun from scratch. I made the barrel from modern steel, though, but made every other part, including the screws.
  15. okawbow

    Joseph Golcher rifle

    Could have been made New York to Illinois, anywhere in between. Probably 1850-1870. Golcher made lock. Someone else made the rifle.
  16. okawbow

    Flintlocks and Black Powder

    I have always got better accuracy in my chunk guns with 2f powder. Even my .40 caliber table rifle is more consistent with 2f than 3f. In my turkey 12ga. I get the tightest and most consistent patterns with 1 1/2f. The gun is very light weight and recoil is much more tolerable than with 3f. I...
  17. okawbow

    45 does it again

    Good shooting! The .45 is a great deer rifle in competent hands.
  18. okawbow

    Does anyone have a pic of powder in a pan?

    I’ll just say, that using the pan full of primer for hunting the past 45 years, has resulted in 100% reliability in all kinds of weather, and dozens of deer,turkeys, and squirrels taken with fast, sure ignition. Why not fill the pan? I may only get one shot during a hunt. I want every chance...
  19. okawbow

    Does anyone have a pic of powder in a pan?

    Tests with high speed cameras have shown the amount of prime or even covering the flash hole with prime does not slow down ignition. I think what happens, is the shooter is more aware of the priming ignition if there is more powder in the pan. A small amount of primer goes off without making the...
  20. okawbow

    Flint doe

    Good job! Nice shot too.