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    Dumb question

    There's no reason to remove the flint or cover the frizzen. Leave your frizzen open and the cock down. Place a toothpick or quill, or other such object to block the touch hole, and you will be fine. No way the gun is going to fire with the frizzen open.
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    Lead, think about this next time you shoot!

    I bet all those workers got cancer in some form or another. Casual exposure, such as what most of us have experienced, is one thing, these guys were exposed to much higher levels, and on a daily basis.
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    Well I knew it would happen

    I always pin my ramrod, even though I have dedicated rods for cleaning, and for pulling balls. You never know.
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    .50 PRB on turkey?

    Possible on a stationary turkey head target, nearly impossible on a live bird. I've never seen a turkey keep its head steady for more than a couple seconds at a time.
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    Optimum flash hole distance from breech face?

    Makes sense, as when swabbing between shots some fouling is going to be pushed toward the breech plug.
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    How I lube cut at the muzzle patches

    I've still got several tubes of bore butter, and have been using it for years. I squeeze a gob into a zip lock bag, toss in a couple strips, seal the bag. And toss the bag into the microwave. Easily melts the bore butter, then just do the shake and bake to the bag. Voila, lubed patch strips.
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    Optimum flash hole distance from breech face?

    I'm using the same type of liners. I prefer the kind with the wrench lug that you then hack saw away to reveal the touch hole. I drilled the hole to 1/16th and also slightly countersunk the outside as you see in the photo. The countersink helps with ignition, and also aids in removal via an easy...
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    Optimum flash hole distance from breech face?

    What do you consider the optimum distance for the flashole to be in relation to the breech face. I just drilled, tapped, and installed this flash hole liner tonight in my .75 caliber matchlock barrel. It's coming in right around 5/32nds, or .16 inch from breech face to the center of the flash...
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    Black powder turkey tale

    I'm still trying to get my first flintlock turkey. I've had the hammer back on a couple a few times, but for various reasons, have not gotten to pull the trigger yet. One day though.
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    Range box examples

    My range box is just a large plastic tool box I bought someplace when I first got into muzzleloading. It's as old as my first muzzleloader.
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    The Thing About Flintlocks

    They're fun. Need I say more?
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    Thinking about buying my first flintlock.

    You will need basic items like a powder measure, short starter, flash hole pick, patch knife if using bulk patching. But, a lot of accessories can be easily made. I used a deer antler to make powder measures, and a handle for my short starter. Range rods can be made easily too. All this adds to...
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    Thinking about buying my first flintlock.

    You could piecemeal a kit of sorts together for less than $1100 and you will have a nicer gun than Traditions can offer. You have to be willing to do some work though. Building a reliable flintlock isn't rocket science. You don't need a show stopper to get into this sport. Many new builders fall...
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    Traditions is the "Harbor Freight Tools" of Muzzleloading?

    I don't agree with the hating poor people line. Just because someone may prefer to buy better quality gear, has no bearing on who he may like or dislike. I don't fault someone who can't afford better than Traditions, but at the same time, I feel Traditions produces low quality firearms as...
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    Which side to carry possible bag and powder horn

    I'm a lefty. I shoot left handed guns. I carry my possibles bag on the right, and my horn on the left. Just easier for me as I can pull gear out with the right hand, pour powder with my left. Have always done that way.
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    Getting ready to take the plunge…

    I say forego the carving. Every new builder seems to want to dive right into carving. Gotta learn to crawl before you walk. The gun will still look beautiful without any carving, and will be no more functional with a bunch of fancy carving, just remember that.
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    My new Traditions Frontier rifle

    Only 5 years? My first kit was purchased in 99. I didn't finish it until about 6 or 7 years ago. Pretty good hang fire you had there. Try using slightly less primer in the pan.
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    Crack in stock? tips?

    Epoxy won't penetrate deep enough into the crack, unless it's real thin, which most Epoxy isn't, to do any good. Believe it or not, super glue is the better choice for hairline cracks. I've repaired many a milsurp crack with plain old crazy glue. Use a fine tipped bottle and drizzle enough into...
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    Shot the TC today

    I don't use speed loaders anymore. Powder stays in the horn, or the original can. Horn to measure, then ball and patch from loading block, easy.
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    Flint for Traditions flintlock ?

    Track of the Wolf for flints.