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    Hawk Sheath

    Good job, that will work. Dave
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    Leather lost it's strength??

    Feibings has a lot of nice leather die colours. You can get them in an alcohol base, an oil base, or water based. I have used them all with great sucsess. I believe Feibings makes most, if not all of Tandy leathers dies, also. Dave
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    Bore cleaners

    Soap makes water weter.
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    Is vinegar bad or good?

    Fish, and chips with vinegar is an English tradition. The little shops all use to serve it in newspapers, when ordered to go. I have plenty of Malt Vinegar on hand, just for that. I spent 3yrs over there in the USN. Dave
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    What do you use to keeps nipples from seizing?

    I'm in line with the copper anti sieze crowd. I've been using it for years. It works. Dave
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    School me on the different 1728 french models.

    Well Md80............... I'll watch this thread withyou, as i'm looking for a smooth bore also. Dave
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    Holiday Monday!!!

    I'll probably just work on finishing up my Brown Bess Carbine kit. being retired 14 yrs now, seems like all days are the same. 4* here right now. No ranges open around here on Mondays. Dave C
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    vent hole diameter

    You can all ways make them larger. Dave
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    TC Hawken reworked

    Looks good Phil. Makes it look " Not Factory". Dave
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    N W Trade guns

    Hi All I,m just finishing up a Pedersoli Brown Bess Carbine Kit (Dixie Gun Works N W trade Gun). I,m looking hard at the Pedersoli N W Tade gun kit, or the Sitting Fox N W Trade gun kit. Was wondering what you gun builders think of each. The only thing I don't like on the Sitting Fox kit is the...
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    My Traditions Kentucky build

    Nice. Dave
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    .54 sizing die

    S & S Firearms, and Lodgwood MFG, both have lube sizers listed for Lubrisizers. But you had better know what diameter you need for your bore, or it will all be for naught. They come in different sizes, in .001 increments. That is if they have them in stock. As mentioned, North East Trade Co...
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    Did I screw up ?

    Did you put the inlays in the stock,??. I have the long version of that rifle in flint, and with a 41 inch barrel, and it is really nose heavy. I am debating getting one of the Pedersoli Scout rifles in .50 cal. Your rifle looks real nice. Dave
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    IMA flints

    What is IMA,??.
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    CVA style brass ramrod end for 9mm rod ?

    TOW has 9mm rod fittings, and hickory rods, and also PVC 9mm rods. If you build your own rods, make sure you put cross pins thru the rod ends, and rods, or you will have a nasty awakening. Dave
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    Glue advice

    i tend to agree with the 2 part epoxie crowd. Epoxie is water proof, and strong. it is easy to dye also. Its what I would use. Dave
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    Temporary bluing from Pedersoli, do they do it?

    I agree with cut finger. I am working on 2 Pedersoli kits, at present, and I'm making them to look as new, in theyre time period. One kit is the Pedersoli Pennsylvania rifle in .50 cal, and the other is a Brown Bess carbine (BB Indinan trade gun). I just have to finnish the stock on the BB. Dave
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    Temporary bluing from Pedersoli, do they do it?

    My Pedersoli .50 Pennsylvania rifle kit has the temp blue on it. it is real light, and blochy,and you can see that the metal itself needs draw filling, and smoothing. Dave
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    Need some advice on Traditions Kentucky flintlock build

    That stock spacer is what stops me from buying a Traditions Kentucky kit. I just don't like them. They don't look right. Dave
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    The "full size" Pedersoli muzzleloaders... somewhat rare?

    I just recently bought a Pedersoli kit from Dixie Gun Works. It is the Pennsylvania Rifle in .50 cal, flint lock, with a 41.5 inch BBl, with double set triggers. I have all the metal inletted to it, and it didn't take much work at all to inlet. The lock is real nice (cnc machineing??). I...