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    N W Trade guns

    Hi All I,m just finishing up a Pedersoli Brown Bess Carbine Kit (Dixie Gun Works N W trade Gun). I,m looking hard at the Pedersoli N W Tade gun kit, or the Sitting Fox N W Trade gun kit. Was wondering what you gun builders think of each. The only thing I don't like on the Sitting Fox kit is the...
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    Shortening a barrel

    I have question about shortening a barrel. I have a Pedersoli Pennsylvania rifle in .50 cal, 1 in 48 twist, and 41 1/2 inches long. My question is Can I shorten this berrel to 30 inches, without having problems with it being to short, ????. What would some of the problems be, if any, ????. It...
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    Brown Bess DGW/Pedersoli Trade Gun kit

    Hello All I am thinking of getting the Dixie Gun Works/ Pedersoli Brown Bess Trade gun kit, for a winter project. I'm awhere that is is not a copy of any thing, but I dont want a real long gun. I shoot Civil War 2 band Muskets, with 33 inch barrells, and thats long enough for me. This kit has...
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    FOR SALE Round Balls

    I have 3 boxes of Hornady round balls for sale.1 box of 100 .530 balls. One box of 87 .535 balls. one box of 50 .570 balls. $30.00 for all boxes, plus actual shipping. Postal M.O. only I don't have paypal. I am in S.E.Wisconsin Thanks Dave
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    FOR SALE Bag, and all the contents

    I have an old possibles bag,.54 cal hardwood loading block, a .54 cal ball starter, and 3 (three) Original old Ox-Yoke company ticking 2 of the packages have never been opened. the ticking thickness is .005, .010,and .015. The bag measueres 8 in wide, x 6.5 in tall, x1 3/4 in thick. Also has...
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    WM Large BBLs

    I have WM Large bbls on all three of my hand made Civil War Muskets, that I made. Excellent shooters. I wouldn't sell them for anything. barracudadave67
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    61 sprngfld tips

    Get some gage plugs, and find out your bbl size. Then shoot a minnie .001-.002in under bore size, use lots of lube in grooves, and in the base. start out with a chg of 45 grns 3F blk pwdr and work it up, 45-50 grns will most likley be best. Go for a group, then adjust your sights. So if your...