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  1. Colonial Boy

    A knock around holster or two

    Couple of my holsters. The first is about 40 years old and is made with just two pieces, the flap also forms the belt loop and the bootlace drawcord closes it snugly.
  2. Colonial Boy

    An old pair of dividers

    Got this a few months ago at the monthly market, didn’t work/move at the time so only paid a speculative dollar. Cleaned up (long way to go :) ) works well. Made in the US some time after 1905 patent date. The legs are folded construction with apparently welded in points. manual coarse...
  3. Colonial Boy

    Cleaning rod idea.

    Here’s a cheap, easy to make and effective rod end the working end is simply string, well epoxied and wrapped around tight. Rod is 1/2 inch dowel, good for most smoothbores.
  4. Colonial Boy

    A Handy Glue Bottle

    Buying wood glue in bulk saves ths $$ and a while back the idea came to me to use a sauce bottle (the idea popped up as I was squeezing out some sauce). Works like a charm the only negative is that one must close and wipe the top immediately (or almost) after use; do not forget and lick the...
  5. Colonial Boy

    The ‘New” lathe

    Been setting up the big lathe and found that the flat belt from the idler shaft to the head would foul, slightly on the frame below the idler. Simple solution, bolt in a new section and cut the middle out of the offending bit of frame., then put the new piece back, do up the bolts and all is...
  6. Colonial Boy

    Cheap ‘brushes’

    Just made a couple of new brush holders, the brush bit being toilet roll or paper towel . The old ones were losing their grip. This is probably ‘old hat’ to many but might be a good tip to someone. The piece in the centre is the handle and part of a range rod that I’m finishing. The reason for...
  7. Colonial Boy

    D.A. Stanley underhammer action.

    Has anyone ever seen one of these ”in the flesh”? I’ve been wondering what the internals are like and I can imagine at least three alternatives. what think ye all?
  8. Colonial Boy

    Custom H & A underhammer rifle.

    Just received this after a fortnight’s wait; after a week I rang the gun shop and asked when it was sent; embarrasses apologies and it would be sent that day ! It’s a rebuilt H & A that a good friend built around 1996 and he fitted a new .50 cal Lithgow barrel as well as other alterations. These...
  9. Colonial Boy

    What happens when you don’t weed the garden,

    Last seasons carrots,
  10. Colonial Boy

    I went to a car boot sale…

    and came away with these. Ten wood chisels, six cold chisels a Phillips head screwdriver (rather worn) an excellent bearing scraper, a steel hook and the box, 20 items for $40. The 1 and a 1/2 inch chisel (center top) is a Woodcock, Sheffield, England and on the local E-bay they’re asking $47...
  11. Colonial Boy

    Priming container

    Here’s a few pics of my priming “flask”, it was a gift from on old friend and he’d made it himself. Have been using it now for some 40 years and the other day as I was giving it a bit of a polish the mount for the spout came lose, the soft solder had finally given up the ghost. ‘Cleaned the...
  12. Colonial Boy

    Smoothbore that’s a bit different

    I got this .50 (0.509 bore) from a gent who had emigrated from Kenya, this gun had been used by a Mau Mau member who attempted to ambush him; didn’t succeed!! His wife didn’t like it around the place so he gave it to me, not that she was anti-gun but it revived to many unpleasant memories for...
  13. Colonial Boy

    Age catches up

    Some time back I bought myself a larger lathe and also bought a new electric motor. Because the new motor was smaller than the original I made a mounting for it out of scrap ply, drilled the required holes and went ahead and mounted it but only put two of the mounting bolts in. Then I moved the...
  14. Colonial Boy

    A New Vyce

    II saw one of these vices in a post and saw it’s potential to convert it into a back jaw moving vyce, something that I’ve wanted for a while; I have a small wood working vyce with such a jaw but it’s rather limited. I managed to get the vyce at a bit less than the US price and free delivery from...
  15. Colonial Boy


    Many years ago we used to shoot muzzle loading shotguns on the weekends using the number 7 trap on the Unmentionable range at Bankstown (NSW) airport. No 7 was seldom required for the host clubs use. This particular afternoon a couple of shooters wandered down from the host’s end and “…wanted...
  16. Colonial Boy

    Babcock Open frame rifle.

    Came across this whilst browsing and I’ve never seen one before and in my 70+ years of shooting I thought that I’d seen or read about every system, we live and learn!!. Sorry that I can’t post a link but have a new computer and a new system to learn, but Google of the subject will bring...
  17. Colonial Boy


    Just got a copy of ”The Underhammer Rifle” byJeff Baron, quite an informative book and has a few locks that I’ve not seen before as well as interesting text. Googled the author but no luck, anyone got any info about him? If he’s still around I’d like to send him my appreciation of his work.
  18. Colonial Boy

    Under hammer pistol

    Here's one very similar to the ones already pictured. It's believed to be an American Cooper , or a very close copy, the holster is the 'safety' as it cannot be fired in the holster.
  19. Colonial Boy

    Old gunmaker

    Could someone who has a copy of Ned Robert's "The Caplock Rifle" look up John Cherry (I think that's the name) for me, please? There is a photo of him holding a rifle outside the door of a cabin and I'd like to get the details of his age etc., and the year for which he had a receipt for paying...
  20. Colonial Boy

    Liner in a damascus barrel

    One of the problems of fitting a liner in a damascus barrel is that it is difficult to disguise the fact as the join shows up at the muzzle. The late, great, gun engraver Lynton McKenzie told me how to do an almost undetectable job (when he did it it was undetectable, even under a strong...