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    First with a Flint

    Today, 5/15, I was able to get my first flintlock Turkey. 15 yrds 11 inch beard and he dropped like a bag of rocks. What a blast, pun intended.
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    .36 cal

    I just acquired a .36 cal flint lock and was wondering what size ball and patch do you guys recommend I start with. I think I saw a couple different size balls advertised. Thanks
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    damaged barrel, rod thimbles

    If this is in the wrong forum please delete or move, I received a Hawken in the mail I purchased that was severely damaged in transport. The ramrod thimbles snapped off the screws holding them to the rib under the barrel. The screws holding the rib to the barrel are not budging. Is it usually...
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    Introduction and question

    Hey gang. I am new to the forums. Have shot my TC Hawkin for many years though. Just want to say Hi and have a question. Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this but here go's I saw some one post about a show, I presume it is a Muzzle Loading show of some sort, in Baltimore. Any one...