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    WANTED A period correct homespun style fiddlers cap in linen or linen/cotton mix

    I am looking for a seamstress/hat maker that can make me a 19th century period correct homespun style fiddlers cap. These were also known as workmens caps. I am looking from one made in linen or cotton linen mix - off white or brown color.. The picture attached is what it would look like ...
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    SOLD 8 pounds pure lead in ingots for round ball or conicals

    I have for sale 8 pounds of pure lead ingots (8 one pound ingots) Asking $16 and $8.40 shipping in a USPS small flat rate box. The lead is from roof flashing and pure lead pipe. I can do Paypal or postal money order. PM me if interested. Thanks ... Ohio Rusty ><>
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    SOLD Shirt is sold.

    Shirt is sold.
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    FOR SALE Brand new haversack

    For sale is a brand new blue and white pillow ticking haversack with a cotton carry strap. Asking $20 shipped. (I pay the shipping). Paypal or postal money order. PM me if interested. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    SOLD Tan breeches are sold.

    Tan Breeches are sold.
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    Re-enactor grade powder ??

    I see several of the places that sell powder only have re-enactor grade powder left. If that is the only powder availble, has anyone tried it for hunting with round ball ?? Ohio Rusty ><>
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    Modifying a knife edge

    I have the big condor Hudsons bay knife for building blinds, chopping out branches. I didn't like that short abrupt bevel the company grinds into the knife like the bottom knife has. I reground the knife and made it a nicer taper by hand sanding the longer, thinner bevel onto the blade. This...
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    I found #11 CCI percussion caps at Walmart today - finally

    In their skimpy blackpowder display was box of 10 blister packs of #1 CCI percussion caps .... I couldn't believe my eyes !! I bought 6 blister packs of the tins and left the other 4 for other folks. 6 tins will last me easily several years. I was happy to get them. I may not see them again...
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    I made a couple 18th century keyhole spatulas today

    Handles are forged wrought iron. Fun project today.
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    FOR SALE New Mens summer weight period shirt - size Large

    For sale is a brand new Mens summer weight cotton shirt, perfect for now and the next few months when it is hot. It is a size Large, wood buttons. All machine and hand stitching is hidden. Asking $50 shipped (I pay the shipping) unless you live in Calif., Alaska or Hawaii, then add $8.50 for...
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    FOR SALE .36 caliber Maxiball for sale

    I just cast up today 50 .36 caliber maxiball for a .36 muzzleloader. They are cast from the finest pure lead and would be great bullets for groundhogs, coyotes, etc. The maxi ball weigh 126 grains. no wad needed, Just fill the lube grooves with lube and drive 'em home. The bands engrave and...
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    FOR SALE .32 T/C maxi ball - 50 bullets for sale - pure lead

    I have 50 fresh cast pure lead .32 maxi ball bullets cast from a T/C mould. They are the best pure lead. Great for larger animals like groundhogs and baby fawn eating coyotes. Asking $8.00 for 50 and $8.50 shipping in a USPS small flat rate box, insured to your door. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    My local walmart muzzleloading regulations sign

    At my local Walmart here in S.E. Ohio, I saw a sign at the gun counter that they are treating muzzleloaders the same as centerfire cartridge rifles now by having to fill out the same paperwork and doing background checks. I guess muzzleloaders are no longer exempt from firearms regulations.
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    SOLD Extra thick heavyweight shirt size 1XT or 2XT

    For sale is a shirt you would want to use right now in the winter. The shirt is a super thick heavyweight flannel. Perfect for hunting or trekking when cold. The color is a putty color but it looks like it has discoloration all over in areas. (from the previous owner) This shirt would be a...
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    SOLD Mens broadfall / fallfront trowsers 38x32

    These are a brand new pair of dark gray Mens broadfall / fallfront trowsers size 38x32 I lost quite a bit of weight and these are too big for me now. My loss (literally) is your gain. These are Colonial style trowsers. I was going to use them for period reenacting. They do not have any buttons...
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    WANTED WTB: 36 caliber cap and ball pistol - steel frame

    Looking for a .36 cap and ball pistol. I want one with a steel frame preferably. Looking to spend between $150 and $200. Ohio Rusty