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  1. Einsiedler

    Allen & Thurber Pepperbox question

    Simple question. Have any of you with the capabilities ever attempted to replace the integral percusson nipples in an original A & T pepperbox? Is there enough “meat” at the breech end to d&t for an appropriate nipple? i think archaeologist son has my Flaydermann, so I can’t look model up. (...
  2. Einsiedler

    1792 Contract rifle.

    I have personally enjoyed the sister thread started by 4575WCF. Was curious as to who out there other than myself owns a recreation. I realize there is ample Fantasy and artistic license in the recreation of such rifles. But I wanted something to fit in with my interest in those early filibuster...
  3. Einsiedler


    My associate and myself.
  4. Einsiedler

    Just finished; Twined Bag

    First one I’ve done in about 15 years. Had to get my mojo back. What I had left of natural dyed wool yarn. This one is for a friend.
  5. Einsiedler

    Northstar West British officer’s fusil

    Greetings! A quick question to the learned constituency here. I have a NSW officers fusil I built from one of their kits about 20 years ago. I have fallen back into the company of questionable individuals here locally, and my kit will most likely require the need of a bayonet. My question...
  6. Einsiedler

    Wild pig ham

    Tried my hand on a sorta traditional goulash this week with a big hunk of the ham I took off small pig I shot new years eve. I took top off one of the hams. Boned it, cubed it into 1” pieces and threw it in about 1/2” of hot lard in the dutch oven. Let it sauté a bit. Then threw in two chopped...
  7. Einsiedler

    A good day hunting

    Yesterday evening I was able to get out and onto the edge of a nice yaupon filled postoak mott and try to get some pork for the larder. My oldest son manages a nice spike in the morning with his .40 Tennessee flint rifle at about 60 yards. At close to sundown I took this really nice fat gilt...
  8. Einsiedler

    Old Smoothrifle

    For your viewing interest is a .58 cal. Smoothrifle, flint to perc conversion I was finally able to honor with a place on our wall with this last season's elk. (I did not take the elk with a muzzleloader but I did use an iron-sighted 112 year old rifle). The Smoothrifle lock is marked H...
  9. Einsiedler

    Choice chops

    Greetings folks, Y'all can laugh if you want, but after 35 years of shooting wild pork with a muzzleloader, this size right here is just about the best table fare you can get!!!! Notice! This is very important! ON HAND CARRY!!! ;). This doesn't wear an old reprobate out!!! :) Results...
  10. Einsiedler

    I hope it will shoot

    Because it sure holds nice! All I need to do is finish browning the lock. I put all the goof ups and mistakes a blind man can put into a build. Learned what not to do, for sure! Had this old barrel in my shop close to 40 years. Built new shop and found it! It's an old Dixie GW Standard...