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    Six holer

    I have a bunch of 6 bangers for cartridge bullets. Would not hesitate if you want one for round ball. Alternatively, if you haunt Ebay you will occasionally see 4 banger Lyman molds come up. They are heavy, but the very well used one I have in 490 round ball is an absolute joy to cast with...
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    FOR SALE More of my original design ball starters.

    2F, what size bores will these work for?
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    Price for round balls near you?

    I buy lead for somewhere around $1.25 a pound shipped on average. Fire up the casting pot and crank them out. I am planning to cast on sunday and will do 45 and 58 round ball, plus conicals for 45, 50 and 54. That should be enough for shooting and experimentation with some new conical designs...
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    First time pouring lead balls

    It means your mold isn't hot enough. I use a small hotplate to preheat my molds and this cuts down tremendously on the amount of throwbacks due to a cold mold.
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    .45 CAL T/C Hawken. Need a replacement Barrel or Barrel work.

    Mr. Bobby Hoyt 2379 Mount Hope Rd. Fairfield, PA 17320-9756 (717) 642-6696 I spoke to Mr. Hoyt a couple days ago about a rusty 54 barrel. He said he would rebore it to 58 of he could or redo the rifling in 54 if he could not. His work comes highly recommended to me. Redoing the rifling he...
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    Got My .58 Caliber Barrel

    I spoke to him today and he could not recall if he could do a 58 in a New Englander barrel. I sent him the barrel with the understanding that he would do 58 cal in a round ball twist if he could, and recut the rifling in 54 if not.
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    Beaver fat for lube?

    I shot a beaver on Saturday, last day of our small game season. This sucker was over 40 pounds and FAT. As I broke it down tonight, I got a lot of the fat off of it and threw it in a Ziploc. Before I toss it, I thought I would ask: anyone use this as minie ball or conical bullet lube, perhaps...
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    How do you equip different guns? (For the field)

    Range trips get dealt with via a duffel with all the stuff for all the guns. For hunting, I really only need at most two bags, a big game bag and a small game bag. I made up a very simple belt pouch out of elk leather that I prefer to a shoulder bag. That is where all the shooting stuff goes...
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    Reboring and safety

    I tossed out a low-ball bid on an auction for a 54 new Englander last night and won. It was cheap enough that this could be a loaner, source of spare parts for my grey hawk, or another shooter. I need to shoot it before I do anything, but if it does not turn out to be a round ball shooter, I...
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    Leather Over Powder Wads.

    Any particular weight of leather work best?
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    FOR SALE Powder Flasks & Ball Bag

    I will take powder flask 1.
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    Traditions trapper?

    Are these worth fooling with? I have decided I don't really want to fool with a cap and ball revolver at the moment, but a single shot pistol appeals to me. Opinions on quality, accuracy? Looks like the default is a 50 cal percussion. I suppose the alternative is a Lyman Plains pistol.
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    Opinions Needed

    I have similar issues. Mostly I just apologise for the cloud of smoke obscuring targets in the next 3 lanes.
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    Opinions Needed

    Yeah, I get looked at funny when I get out even the short barreled, stainless caplock, let along anything more old fashioned looking. I think I was the only person not using an inline in the smallish SWA I hunted in the '19 muzzleloader season. Heck, I even get funny looks at the range when I...
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    Opinions Needed

    MtnMan, I do hunt big game in Colorado solo sometimes. Some of the territory is step and this fall I actually had to ford a river with my doe to get back to the truck. I have found that a cart makes a huge difference in ease of retrieval. I really like the Gorilla brand carts sold by Lowe's...
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    Ol' Bacon strikes again

    While I really do hope that feral pigs never get established where I hunt, I do envy the hunting opportunities they provide.
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    Opinions Needed

    Hunt calves, no question. That said, sometimes it is fun to hunt with a friend. My hunting buddies and I share in each other's triumphs and disappointments (and whiskey), have fun shooting the breeze when there is no game, and learn from each other. It isn't just about pride. I still enjoy...
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    Gun Powder "substitutes"

    Actually, I rather liked Black MZ and even shot my deer with it this fall. I stocked up so I have enough to fool with for a while, but the manufacturer is out of business and it is no more. When it is gone I will have to figure out what to do. Probably will just end up doing mail order for...
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    Newbie needs advice with first muzzle stuffer rifle

    A very nice first rifle. You will have fun with it.
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    Cabela's and Bass Pro

    As far as I am concerned, you can leave the "B" off of Bass Pro. That is who ruined Cabela's. My dollars now go to Sportsman's Warehouse, Scheel's, etc.
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