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    What I do during "Lockdown".

    After you cut the new slot try an impact driver. The things work pretty well. This one is from Harbor Freight.
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    What I do during "Lockdown".

    I'm working on a couple of Spanish guns I bought for $125. A CVA Kentucky pistol kit gun that wasn't too badly finished but had a really, really heavy trigger pull. I narrowed the mainspring to lower the very heavy hammer and redid the trigger. It's not bad now. The other one is a poorly...
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    What I do during "Lockdown".

    Put a sprinkler in the bottom and bolt on a seat.
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    Horsemeat and Sweet Potato Pie

    Looks like a tasty dish. Just substitute any other ground meat. I hunt in an area that is infested with feral horses but I can't shoot them.
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    Barrel lapping question

    Interesting. How do you know a paper's clay content? I didn't even know paper has clay.
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    Bullet trap/backstop

    How many rounds will that vest stop? I think the police have to replace theirs after one hit. You don't shoot the center out?
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    Reaction score?

    There are worse things than calf brains.
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    Reaction score?

    If it was up to me I would remove it. Carbon has a good point but I don't use this forum for score keeping on posts.
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    Barrel lapping question

    When lapping a barrel with Scotch-brite pads should it be done dry or with some type of lubricant? I have a couple of old but lightly used Jukars that have very evident machining marks. It looks like they were drilled and no effort was made to smooth them. I just want to smooth out the...
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    Antique store find

    Please don't shoot it until you learn more. I like it but sure don't know what it is.
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    Hearing Aids and shooting

    Would it work to wear muffs over the hearing aids? The electronic muffs let you hear but cut out the gunshots. Or maybe you could take out the aids and turn up the volume on the muffs? I don't have hearing aids yet but my time is coming.
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    Now that is really nice. Great job.
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    Mule Ear Build???

    For a barrel you might talk to the Gun Works in Springfield, Oregon. They can supply rifles with the rifling cut to your specs by the Oregon Barrel Company. I have no idea about the price of a barrel only, but their rifle prices are reasonable. I have dealt with them and will go back. While...
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    Making Pre-Cut Patches?

    I have been using square patches but if you want to cut round ones the fabric shops sell really neat curved scissors for not too much money. Then you can do what mooman suggests and relax in front of the tv.
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    February 2020 Postal Match Bullseye plus ring

    Shot mine today but no use cluttering up Adui's mailbox. Since it is on the honor system anyhow, you can show me as a zero if you want. I did at least try.
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    Question on seeeing down the barrel

    Or a 9mm case. Most anything shiny.
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    SOLD Do you want to build a wheel lock??

    Maybe you should pull the ad and reconsider. That is a good price but I just don't need to get into another project.
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    SOLD Do you want to build a wheel lock??

    It would make a great matchlock also. I'm circling but I don't think I'll bite. Sure tempting, though.
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    picking up flint

    I did the same as Kansas. I bought a Tower type pistol from a pawn shop in the '60's and broke rocks with a hammer. It sparked plenty good enough to fire. I didn't know anything about it so I loaded with a capful of powder from the DuPont can. I have no idea of what was ahead of the powder...
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    Something Large

    OK, an ounce for blanks. What would you suggest for elephants? I really like your work, by the way.
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