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    FOR SALE 50 cal Lancaster style

    kpr -- if gun isn't sold,please post the info requested by Alaskagrizz. Your gun looks pretty nice in the pics.
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    Dye for a frock coat

    not really, they were picked up off the ground. I did not expect green, I expected brown.
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    Dye for a frock coat

    I have boiled in green walnut hulls to get olive green and hickory hulls to get a light tan.
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    Wearing Blue

    Have made the same observation. Only look at them by looking past or to the side of them and they don't spook. Eye contact made and they are out of here.I line up my gun and never look right at them until I am ready to look down the sight and pull the trigger. I have found this especially true...
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    Native Reenacting

    Have read it. It is both well researched and an excellent read.
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    Native Reenacting

    Very true! However as to the rape not being part of their culture, that depends. East of the Mississippi that would be true. Likewise west of the rockies. On the Plains rape and gang rape were not just common but the norm. Also, most of the plains tribes rarely took captives, male,female or...
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    75th reunion of Gettysburg.

    I have an old friend who is 93, her parents took her to the reunion and she can remember sitting on the old men's laps and talking to them as a little girl, They stayed in tents and many wore their uniforms. It is stunning to think this through, I know somebody who is alive now that actually saw...
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    coffee on the trail

    In direct answer to your question---yes. Available from Townsends for about $50.
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    NW Trade guns and fowlers

    Got lucky and just picked up a .62 cal, 36" NSW trade gun on gunbroker yesterday! Not trying to rub it in, just to encourage patience. They are rare, but are out there. I have also been looking and waiting for quite sometime.
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    News about some exciting new locks

    Danny Caywood builds his own locks. I have one on a trade gun and it throws a great shower of sparks.He also makes both English and French trade guns.His business is Caywood Builders and they are on the internet.
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    Flintlock loading technique...pick in?

    I hav I have an old Narragansett Arms Tulle that I have found ignites noticeably faster if I put the pick in the touch hole and leave it in til the loading process is complete. Not so much with my Lyman GPR. I have come to use this procedure on all my flinters however, to use the pick like a...
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    What is the strangest old timey vegetable you have eaten

    I think he meant "cammas" as he wrote. Cammas root was a mainstay of the Nez Perce diet in Idaho. They are a purple flower and should only be harvested when in bloom lest you inadvertantly harvest their near look alike, the "death cammas" which has a white flower but is otherwise very similar in...
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    What is the strangest old timey vegetable you have eaten

    Dock and peeled thistle stem in chicken bone broth makes a mighty fine soup!
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    Change to Oregon Muzzleloader Hunting Regs in 2019

    I have reading glasses. If I put them on then the sights are very clear but I can't see the target hardly at all. No glasses and the target is clear, but can't see the sights!!! My Dad warned my about getting old!!!!! My current solution is to hunt with my smoothbore, which only has a front...
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    What is the strangest old timey vegetable you have eaten

    Made purslane like sauerkrout this year as an experiment and also jars of the 2 mixed. Haven't tried it yet. Purslane is probably THE most healthy plant that you can eat.
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    What is the strangest old timey vegetable you have eaten

    Ahhh, poke fixed up in beacon grease or butter-----now you're talkin'!
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    Change to Oregon Muzzleloader Hunting Regs in 2019

    I once had a TC renegade that I bought used with a scope already mounted. Never used it to hunt and didn't like trying to clean it. I got rid of it. However, now in my 60's I find that I can no longer see the sight on my flintlock squirrel rifle and had to have a new, bigger sight put on my...
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    PC question I’ve always wondered about

    I thought much like you until my children all went into the medical field. One daughter is a pharmacist, at a previous employer she was required to push vaccinations, do clinics to vaccinate people exctera.After finding out the actual statistics one vaccines, she warned us not to get the flu...
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    WANTED orange weskit

    Thanks--I'll check that out
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