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  1. Huntschool

    Green River Forge NW trade gun

  2. Huntschool

    New flintlock

    Nice gun.... Enjoy
  3. Huntschool

    smoothbore loading

    I load loose. Powder, patch ball. If its shot its powder, card, wad (lubed), shot, card. Not into the re-enactor/military paper cartridge mode at all. Have loaded smooth bores this way for about 50 years. Just sayin.....
  4. Huntschool

    Jeremiah Johnson movie clothing

    Thanks buddy. I really thought it was a Leman.... my bad. Old age I guess. Be well in Tejas.....
  5. Huntschool

    Jeremiah Johnson movie clothing

    Whoa there big boy...… I was just asking the question as it read. Not challenging any one. I was just interested to hear who was still around. I saw Ron's name but you said "folks at the factory" or something to that effect so I thought I would ask. If it came across as a challenge that was...
  6. Huntschool

    Jeremiah Johnson movie clothing

    I need to question your, "guys at the factory" since GRRW no longer exists and hasn't for a number of years Besides Doc, who are you talking to ? Inquiring minds want to know....
  7. Huntschool

    Jeremiah Johnson movie clothing

    Lou puleff: Wow, I know NY had rules limiting what firearm could be used on a county by county basis. I hunted Sullivan Co and several other Catskill counties as well as the Adirondacks and used a rifle while Orange and Rockland as well as some counties on the East side of the Hudson were...
  8. Huntschool

    Jeremiah Johnson movie clothing

    lou puleff: That sounds more like it. Just to add I assume you know Redford was present at the re-internment of Johnsons' remains.....
  9. Huntschool

    Jeremiah Johnson movie clothing

    I am gonna back up Tangelfoots' comments and add..... Perhaps the GRRW gun being refered to is the one presented to Heston during the filming of "The Mountain Men" with Brian Keith. Blue Jacket had something to do with that as I remember. If you watch that movie you will notice that Heston...
  10. Huntschool

    I'm trying to find a 24ga/.58 cal. smooth pistol barrel.

    I made a .62 smooth Hawken type pistol by drilling out the rifling on a .62 rifled barrel years ago. It was octagon and I left it that way. Several years later I built a pistol doing the same thing but this time I hand profiled the barrel to tapered octagon to round with wedding bands. It...
  11. Huntschool

    mink oil

    I use spit most of the time.... If I need more antifreeze or solvent in it I just drink more Vodka or shine first..… I am old. Go figure...... LOL
  12. Huntschool

    Patch strips made easy.

    And be sure the cotton material is 100% cotton with no other material present like polyester.
  13. Huntschool

    Help choosing a horn

    Choosing a horn is a time consuming task. You want it to look like it belongs with your bag and gun and shows some sign of being personal to you. I have really tried to keep my horns aligned with my choice in rifles and time period and as such have purchased horns from several of the top...
  14. Huntschool

    Aspiring marksman.

    First off... OP, where did you get a Bill Large barrel in this day and time ????? Is your barrel a gain twist, choke bored or any other of the things Bill did to/with his barrels ????? As to crud rings etc. I shoot mostly "wet/damp" patches in all my barrels from Sharon, Getz, Rice and an...
  15. Huntschool

    TVM Woes! :(

    I think this thread has gone on long enough...… Many opinions have been posted on several sides. I feel it would be prudent to let this thread end and let Smokey post his comments and results in a new thread...…… JMHO
  16. Huntschool

    Shot Placement

    Since I started shooting ML's (over 50 years ago) its been neck shots and I have no complaints. However, I have taken heart and lung shots out of necessity and they worked also. A .535 RB in front of 110 gr of 3fffg GOEX will do a heck of a job when hitting ether spot. JMHO
  17. Huntschool

    Pedersoli Tryon .45 opinions?

    Pardon my directness here, but...…. I would think $1200.00 (if that is what you paid) for a used, production Perdersoli is a bit much. At that price you might have been close to, or at being able to purchase a one off custom. You mentioned going with a custom or semi custom gun. Have you...
  18. Huntschool

    Well I Managed to Break My TC Stock

    Sounds to me like BIGBEAR is a handy solution. Just sayin......
  19. Huntschool

    Fun with Smoothbores

    Just run a die over the threads..... If ya dont have one it might be a good idea to get one.... Those metal RR are prone to that sort of thing....
  20. Huntschool

    When did using 3fg become so popular?

    First.… I dont own any muskets or other military reenactor guns. All mine are one off from .40 up through a .620 fowler . I shoot 3fffg GOEX or OE in everything. I have a .620 early Virginia gun (old Getz barrel) and a 32 octagon tapered SMR being built. I suspect both of those will shoot...
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