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    Butt on Toe or Ground?

    Always on my foot, as learned from my long departed mentor. No other reason.
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    L&R Locks

    I have an L&R that seemed slow. I called for suggestions, and they said to send it in. It was an older model and they installed a new main spring. It was repaired and returned in 5 days. When it was returned, there was a note telling me to make sure there was sufficient mortise clearance as the...
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    Have You Ever Seen a TC 12 guage?

    I have had both New Englanders (screw in choke and no choke) versions. A friend talked me out of the choked one, but I hunt regularly with the other one. 75 gr volume of ffg, three over shot wads, 90 gr volume 7-1/2 shot and one more over shot wad. Shots like a champ!
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    When did using 3fg become so popular?

    My choice of granulation is result based. For instance, my 20 ga. throws much better patterns with fffg than with any ffg loads I have tried to date. On the other hand, the 12 ga. and .50 rifle are both definitely ffg guns. Give ‘em what they like.
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    “Best” Fowler barrel length? HC/PC and performance?

    I picked up a 42” 20 ga. flint on the cheap because it had a chatter mark in the bore near the muzzle. When I couldn’t get it to shoot, I figured, “Nothing to lose...” and shortened it by 6” to remove the damaged area. What a difference! Now it patterns great and is damned handy in the brush...
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    Bullet lube that works well for me.

    Oh, how I love this forum! The discussions remind me of the old curmudgeon that got me started in muzzleloading. He was smart, and well read, but hugely opinionated, and shouted it from the roof tops. He was extremely predictable at times. He diverged easily from one subject to another, and...
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    Black powdah ‘Bucket List’

    I, too, was in attendance. Great get-together. Didn’t buy any guns but walked in with trade goods and walked out with a few items I didn’t need but sure did want! You might say we both shifted our ballast...
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    Mainspring Vise

    In the spirit of sharing acquired knowledge, I have used all the various tools discussed with both success and failure. My advice is to use a vice, and don’t even screw around with anything else, but just go to Larry Callahan and get one of his well made, well designed tools...
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    Ok, I acknowledge from the start that this is pretty much off the wall, but I want to know. Last fall, while bird hunting with my 20 ga. flint, I had to answer the call of nature. Upon completion, I used some Cottonelle flushable wipes that I carry in my possibles bag for just such an occasion...
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    New England Colonial Trade Fair

    I will be there. Never walk away empty handed. Last year I left with a copper coffee pot from Westminster Forge. What can I say - I’m like a crow - it was shiny!
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    That imitation black powder

    Mr. Pippin, I agree with you.
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    Cylinder cleaning???

    I only shoot real black powder out of the variety of pistols, rifles, and smooth bore guns, and I (like most) have tried a wide range of cleaners. I also invariably return to Birchwood Casey No.77 cleaner and Barricade for storage. For some reason, I have yet to try MAP. My question is - what...
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    Ramrod Accessories?

    I had an original shotgun from the 1850s and the ram rod had a permanently attached worm just like the one in the picture.
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    Powder Can

    Phil, It is heartwarming to hear of your desire to help me. Your willingness to put yourself in danger to assist me is at the same time both selfless and most generous, but I’m afraid my conscience will not allow it.
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    Powder Can

    Yep, sure does!
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    Powder Can

    I have a full 6 lb. can of DuPont Fg powder. The black and white DuPont label pictures a dreadnought and two wooden wheeled cannons, but I seriously doubt it of that vintage. I suspect more like the late 60s. My question - Is there anyone out there who collects powder containers and could help...
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    Smoothbore Loads

    My .62 never shot worth a damn with 2f powder. Switched to 3f and things tightened up. Continued to tighten up until I passed 85 grains. I now shoot both shot and bare ball with 75 grains to good effect.
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    OP card/wad size ?

    I have used that same combo for years in both a 12 ga. and a 20 ga. With great success. I love only carrying one type of wad.
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