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  1. NW Territory Woodsman

    Linen pillow ticking for shirt?

    Ok thanks Cruzatte and Stophel, very helpful! NWT Woodsman
  2. NW Territory Woodsman

    Linen pillow ticking for shirt?

    I'm thinking of having a new linen shirt made out of 100% linen pillow ticking for the upcoming hot midwest summer by a local seamstress. I am planning to get my linen pillow ticking from Wm.Booth draper. Here is the link to the linen pillow ticking Blue and Natural Stripe Ticking Linen, WLG 155...
  3. NW Territory Woodsman

    WANTED Men's early 1900's fishtail trousers with suspenders.

    I have the same trousers in the link above accept their a dark walnut color. Well made and sturdy. If your looking for early 1900s trousers, I suggest the link above. NWT Woodsman
  4. NW Territory Woodsman

    Quick buckskin leggings question

    Ok, im wondering would wool broadcloth or bucksin be cooler for leggings in the humid summer. I have a pair of dark blue wool blanket leggings I made a while back, but feel I would need something a little less thick. NWT Woodsman
  5. NW Territory Woodsman

    Quick buckskin leggings question

    I plan on making my first buckskin leggings out of german tan buckskin. Crazy crow sells a 12-14sf hide as their smallest size of the natural colored german tan. Would I be able to get two eastern style leggings from a 12-14sf hide? I wish they had a smaller size of german tan so I could just...
  6. NW Territory Woodsman

    Medicine Man and Me

    Cool picture! Your friend looks like a neat character. NWT Woodsman
  7. NW Territory Woodsman

    Hello from the Poconos in Pa

    Welcome to the camp from northeast Ohio! NWT Woodsman
  8. NW Territory Woodsman

    Knives with suspenders?

    Its also a show based on the movie too! On the show Adams had a knife and sheath that looks like its strapped onto one of his suspenders. NWT Woodsman
  9. NW Territory Woodsman

    Knives with suspenders?

    Yep your right, the button X back kind. I believe what your discribing is the same mode of carry for knives as Grizzly Adams wore on the show. NWT Woodsman
  10. NW Territory Woodsman

    A question of pants

    Also, if you do get some trousers, stay away from cotton if your going to be doing any work or trekking in them. Remember, what makes cotton excelent at being an absorbing bath towel, makes them awful for clothing. Since your in PA, and being this time of year, I sugest wool. Wool retains warmth...
  11. NW Territory Woodsman

    A question of pants

    Who, when and where??? Those are the questions you should ask yourself first. Mid 18th century to early 19th century are nothing alike in clothing. Also I believe rendevouse today accept 1660s-1840. One of the most forgiveable and long streching pants would be a simple ankle length narrow fall...
  12. NW Territory Woodsman

    New Capote!

    Looks quite warm! Cool find. NWT Woodsman
  13. NW Territory Woodsman

    Hello From N. Alabama

    Welcome and hello from NE Ohio! NWTWoodsman
  14. NW Territory Woodsman

    Dyeing osnaburg with coffee?

    The possibles bag. 8×7" The possibles bag compared to my firebag of the same buckskin, showing the darker color of the coffe stained possibles bag. Pictures dont show it as well as in person tho. This neck bag is made of the same coffee stained buckskin too. Its going to be a gift, so I just...
  15. NW Territory Woodsman

    Dyeing osnaburg with coffee?

    Instead of staining the osnaburg shirt, I stained some etra buckskin that I had with coffee, and it turned out great! Made it into a new smaller possibles bag. Will see if I can post pictures later, artificial light doesn't do justice. The willow buckskin turned into a really nice darker brown...
  16. NW Territory Woodsman

    Dyeing osnaburg with coffee?

    Ok, sounds like I might not dye the shirt as it is the cotton type. Thank you for the heads up! NWT Woodsman
  17. NW Territory Woodsman

    Dyeing osnaburg with coffee?

    I'm thinking of dyeing my osnaburg shirt right know and am wondering if its possible to dye it with coffee/grounds? I've dyed cotton items with coffee before and it turned out good, just wondering about Osnaburg. Also, I asked Townsends (where i got the shirt from) and they said they've never...
  18. NW Territory Woodsman

    Hello From VA/WV

    Welcome from NE Ohio, enjoy the forum Flintlock1640! NWT Woodsman
  19. NW Territory Woodsman

    Greetings from Colorado

    Welcome to the forum from NE Ohio! NWT Woodsman
  20. NW Territory Woodsman

    Samson historic

    I definitely agree to your well said post sir! Well said. Their brown breeches I got are outstanding quality for the best price. Matter of fact, I'm so impressed I'm going to get their green FnI waistcoat. I'm going to start shopping here more! Again, BP rules, Im with ya! NWT Woodsman
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