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    Cabelas NEW gun policy

    Wonder how that happened since black powder muzzle loaders are considered toys and not fire arms. Don’t quite know how they could be held responsible for selling a toy.
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    Nipples plugging

    I oLol. Fouled powder in a flinter is no different than a cap lock. Lol
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    Nipples plugging

    I agree sounds like fouled powder. I use 3f in all my smoke poles. And after cleaning I stand the rifles on their muzzles for a couple days to make sure any cleaning fluid drains out. Also after cleaning I fill the barrel with boiling water and let stand a couple minutes then dump the water out...
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    Black Powder fouling in 54

    A tighter patch combination gives better and more complete combustion. My real thought is to go to 3f powder. Finer granulations burn more efficiently.
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    TVM Woes! :(

    I would sure be raising a big stink. That’s plenty of money and time to have waited. They need to provide you with what you ordered. IMO.
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    Black Powder fouling in 54

    I use 3f in all my front stuffers including my 54s. I’ve shot entire matches with out swabbing the barrel. .530 ball .015 patch 110 grains 3f. I’ve used spit patch and lubed. Never had any issues in my rifles.
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    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    Similar here. First was a 44 revolver kit from Dixie then .58 Zouave. Still have them both and have added more since then.